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Hidden Mickey
Hidden Mickey



Sometimes Dead Men DO Tell Tales!

Very Good - 4.5 Stars 4.50 average (76 reviews)

Excellent - Excellent - 5 Stars 55 - 5-star reviews
Good ------- Good - 4 Stars 11 - 4-star reviews
OK ---------- OK - 3 Stars 04 - 3-star reviews
Boring ----- Boring - 2 Stars 05 - 2-star reviews
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Excellent - 5 Stars "I loved this book"
     "I loved this book. I really enjoyed the surprises and the pace was excellent. Thank you for an excellent book!"
D. Foy Amazon Review 05/07/2016

Excellent - 5 Stars "Five Stars"
     "Great book"
Amazon Customer Amazon Review 04/09/2016

OK - 3 Stars "Meh, it's fair."
     "I'm a Disneyphile at heart. I was excited to see this book and I did like it. There's a lot of Disney knowledge. However, one of your characters is about the most obnoxious I've ever read. It goes past being funny to just feeling like you're trudging through his dialog and hating him a little more with every word. You see the ending coming a mile away and it was quite clich and disappointing. I'm a finisher. I can rarely stop a book series without the next book. These are overpriced and simply a bad way to spend your money in my opinion. I didn't invest in Book 2"
Shannon Cook Amazon Review 03/29/2016

Excellent - 5 Stars "Five Stars"
     "i loved this book "
Sally A. Hickman Amazon Review 03/15/2016

Excellent - 5 Stars "like potatoe chips. you can't read just one"
     "When I was given this as a gift I thought "meh".... I decided to poke at a chapter and after that I was riveted. Not since Amistad Maupin have I been this hooked on am author. THANKS NANCY"
Amazon Customer Amazon Review 10/28/2015

Good - 4 Stars "Perfect for a Disney buff"
     "This is one of those books that I couldn't put down. I'm a huge Disney and Disneyland history fan and it was well written and kept me hooked. However the reason for the four stars instead of five was the random car show for Beth's T bird. I get that it was about her and Adam reconnecting but it really got me distracted from the story. After that it was awesome."
Rachael Amazon Review 06/17/2015

Good - 4 Stars "is a great mystery story and scavenger hunt"
     "Hidden Mickey: Sometimes Dead Men DO Tell Tales! is a great mystery story and scavenger hunt. It has just the right amount of suspense to keep you turning pages and a nice twist at the end to make you eager to read the next book."
Michael Cena Amazon Review 10/30/2014

Excellent - 5 Stars "Couldn't put it down"
     "Great read, brilliant characters and story. You feel like you are there. Love this series, can't for more books in the series & to read Hidden Mickey Adventures."
K. Simpson Amazon Review 05/27/2014

Excellent - 5 Stars "Great Book! Loved it"
     "I bought this to preview for my 13 year old daughter who thought she'd want to read it. I LOVED it. I am now on the 3rd book. My daughter is somewhat immature so it might not apply to all, but I thought the storyline was more adult than she would enjoy."
K. Sloane Amazon Review 03/17/2014

Excellent - 5 Stars "Don't start until the weekend"
     "You won't want to put these books down! If you enjoy Disney trivia, history, and mysteries then you've hit the jackpot here. These books have it all; in just the right amount of detail and with a dash of romance thrown in for good measure."
Barbara Rigney Amazon Review 02/21/2014

Excellent - 5 Stars "Hidden Mickey Series"
     "I loved this book. I am a Disney Fanatic and love to get my hands on everything Disney. The attention to the details is fabulous and made me want to follow in Adam, Lance, and Beth's footsteps. I am half way through Book 2, and have book 3. I just ordered books 4 & 5. I can't put them down and don't want to wait to see what happens. I also have the two Hidden Mickey Guides for WDW and Disneyland on order. I can't wait to experience WDW in a whole new way."
Kathryn Woods Amazon Review 06/22/2013

Good - 4 Stars "A Different Disney Tale"
     "It is a good book. It is not quite what I expected. Dave Smith and Nancy T. Rodrigue tell a different tale."
A. Hudson Amazon Review 06/20/2013

OK - 3 Stars "Not bad if you love Disney"
     "Over all its not a great mystery book and it's not a great Disney book but if you love the parks and want a fun mystery read that has to do with them then it's a good book but if you're looking for The Hound of the Baskervilles don't get this book."
Two Girls Amazon Review 05/16/2013

Excellent - 5 Stars "GREAT Series"
     "This is the first book in a series and it is one that leaves you hanging from beginning to end. If you are any kind of a disey memorabilia fan, you will love this book"
Will Rogers Amazon Review 02/23/2013

Good - 4 Stars "Fun read"
     "This was a fun read, that I could recommend to any Disney fan. It works for teen through adult. I appreciate how the park comes alive in vivid detail. Lots of enjoyment out of this so far (only about half done), but cannot wait to finish it... :) My favorite fiction read this year."
Jason Olson Amazon Review 12/24/2012

Excellent - 5 Stars "Hang on tight for fun and adventure!"
     "The fast paced books are enjoyed by all age readers looking for an action adventure mystery. The first book of the series quickly draws readers into a would where two best friends, Adam and Lance, find the long, lost diary of Walt Disney. As the mystery unfolds, the friends are immersed into a world of adventure as they worked to decode clues in hopes of finding Walt's hidden treasures. The books have been compared to The Davinci Code, but written with a flair that meshes historical facts with fantasy to build a world beloved by many a Disney fan! I was excited for the adventure to continue! Get your copy today!"
Natalie Henley, Eagleville, TN USA - Author 10/30/2012

Excellent - 5 Stars "Disneyland, mystery, danger, and an entertaining story."
     "Disneyland, mystery, danger, and an entertaining story. Hidden Mickey: Sometimes Dead Men Do Tell Tales, co-authored by Nancy Temple Rodrigue and David Smith, is a fun adventure involving Disneyland both past and present. The story transcends the normal Disney experience by giving the reader a glimpse of historical events that built the magical kingdom. It is a must read for any Disney fanatic, and although the novel is meant for an adult audience, it holds a certain appeal for readers of all ages. ", St. George, UT USA 09/28/2012

Good - 4 Stars "Well Researched"
     "Overall, this was an entertaining book. The authors certainly researched their material well, and their knowledge of Disneyland is encyclopedic. Yes, the characters are pretty 2-dimensional, and the editing is not always the best - but this is fluffy adventure writing, so how much can you expect. It's a fun mix of fact, speculation, and fiction, and evolves in a way similar to (but not nearly as believable) as the Dan Brown novels (e.g. DaVinci Code). I might have given it 5 stars if it weren't for the epilogue, which moves the book from "could be" to "absolutely not". The epilogue, however, is the set-up for the second book (which I am currently reading). The second book is pure fantasy. It still has very well researched facts and perfect descriptions of Disneyland, but the storyline moves to the completely fantastic. If you are a fan of Disney, and a lover of Disneyland (as I am), then I HIGHLY recommend this. If you don't have a pre-existing passion for Disney, then this might not be the book for you."
Trout26 Amazon Review 08/21/2012

Excellent - 5 Stars "This Disneyland fan LOVE IT"
     "I LOVE all things DISNEYLAND...and this book did not disappoint. It was great to read some REAL history mixed in with the FANTASY of the novel. (It could almost be real!) I was thrilled when I solved the clues before the characters. You will want to have book #2 handy, because there is a great lead-in at the end of #1. Dang I wish this were real...and I could do it."
JennyJ Amazon Review 07/17/2012

Excellent - 5 Stars "This book is a must read!"
     "As a Disney fanatic and school librarian, I bought this book for my Kindle and really enjoyed reading it. I have recommended it to family and friends alike and they in turn have told their friends to read the book and the others in the series. I find the book well written and exciting. I just couldn't put it down! My friend and I would love to go on a trek where we visit all of the places in the book and follow the adventures! It is a must read. Read the others in the series as well and you will not be disappointed"
Bonnie J Wilson Amazon Review 06/15/2012

Excellent - 5 Stars "What a great E-Ticket ride!!!"
     "What a great story! If it were only true! I was wrapped up from the first page. I cried, my heart raced, my mind was working overtime trying to figure out the clues as the characters were trying to figure out everything. I learned a few new things about Mr. Disney and Disneyland that I never knew! One of the best books I have ever read! I lost myself completely in the story. I could envision every part of the park and what the characters might look like. I even dreamed about the story. LOVE THIS BOOK SERIES! Thank you, Nancy. It was an honor meeting you at the Tucson Festival of Books.....Mulan_1998 "
Diana O., Tucson, AZ USA 03/15/2012

OK - 3 Stars "Great concept... badly written."
     "When I first heard plot of this book (National Treasure type of treasure hunt at Disneyland), I was very excited to read it. The basic idea of the book is great, but the writers needed to take a lot more time refining it. The truth is they wrote the whole thing in three months, and it shows.
I liked the clues, and the locations the two main characters went to. Those were very clever, the problem comes with the fact there is NO ANTAGONIST. They just go just location to location basically doing what they need to do without any real problems. There is no drive to keep story moving, they kinda go at there own pace. What made National Treasure fun (both of them), was there was driving force and someone trying to stop them. When they do finally add an antagonist it's about 90% in and it makes no sense. When that person does show up they get rid of him/her 3 pages's a joke.
Also, there is a major problem with dull parts of the book. One of the authors likes cars, and he/she (not sure which), spends a pointless chapter talking about cars just because the author likes them. I wish the editor of this book had sat that person aside and said no one cares about this crap, and we are cutting it out. Also the very beginning of the book should have been trimmed as well. They spend 10+ pages describing Disneyland like we have never been there. I guarantee if you picked up this book you have a good idea of what splash mountain is.
I have now read almost all the books in the series (so far), and I can tell you this one is the most realistic of all of them. What I mean is the next books bring in time travel, and mystical stones. So if you want to read a history of Walt Disney's early days told in a treasure hunt format you will like this book"
Wiiviewer Amazon Review | VINE VOICE - 12/12/2011

Excellent - 5 Stars "Super fun Disney Fiction"
     "This suspenseful treasure hunt fed my love of "all things Disney", left me addicted and wanting more. I just ordered the second book!"
Amelia Thompson Amazon Review 12/12/2011

Boring - 2 Stars "Interesting Idea Killed Through Poor Storytelling"
     "Adam and Lance are excited about the latest MouseAdventure challenge at Disneyland. They've learned that one of the clues will take them into Walt's apartment on Main Street. As Disney geeks, they are thrilled.
While they are there, Adam stumbles across a book hidden in a chair cushion. He quickly discovers that it claims to be Walt Disney's diary, and a clue in it leads Adam and Lance off on a wild ride through his life. Each stop they make leaves them Disney memorabilia and the next clue. Where is this all leading?
Before I go anything further, I want to make clear that there is a good idea in here, and I enjoyed parts of the novel. But there were so many flaws that I was ready to be done with it long before the end.
The plot is a huge problem. For starters, it's way too repetitive as each clue, Adam and Lance have to stumble around for a while going down false trails until they figure things out. It's rare that we feel we are actually advancing the story and not just taking another stop along the way. While the author's try to close many of the plot holes, they leave some big ones at the end, especially one that I guess is supposed to set up the sequel since it is introduced on the last page. (And it was stupid!) On top of all this, there are long data dumb passages and a 20 page chapter that only yields two pages of character development.
Then there are Adam and Lance themselves. I never once buy their friendship. Supposedly, they've been close friends for years, but the stunts that Lance pulls on Adam are more mean than good natured teasing. I often had a hard time buying the characters.
At one point, the action takes us to the part of the country where I live. And the authors get a detail wrong. Granted, it's a minor issue, but it was something that could have been solved with a quick check of any map, real of internet. Makes me wonder what else they got wrong.
The point of view switches between the lead characters so often you get whiplash, and the rest of the writing is also pretty pedestrian.
If I am going to read a novel that is almost 500 pages, I want it to draw me in and make me feel like it is worth my time. This one could have done that if it had been edited. But the authors self-published and it feels like they didn't have a good place to get truly constructive feedback on the story.
Which makes me sad. I wanted to like this book. Instead, I wish I hadn't wasted my time and won't be continuing the series."
Mark Baker Amazon Review | HALL OF FAME | TOP 1000 REVIEWER | VINE VOICE - 12/10/2011

Excellent - 5 Stars "Loved the book, It's a must read for anyone"
     "I didn't know what to expect when I bought the books at the last D23 convention. What a treat. After the first chapter, it was impossible to put it down. Please keep them coming. I'd like to think that maybe, just maybe someone will find that diary."
Dianne Wilson, Orange, CA USA - Police Records Clerk 11/15/2011

Bad - 1 Star "Great Book...Until the last page..."
     "I was a bit skeptical about reading this book at first, but after you get through the first 50 or so pages it is actually a good read. Here are the pros and the cons
Pros: The book is written in such a way that although you know it is all fiction, it could actually be real, which makes it more interesting. The authors also do a good job of keeping you on the edge of your seat, always wanting to continue reading...
Unfortunately that is where the positive points end.
One minor point which isnt a huge deal to me, is the lack of editing. I saw many spelling errors, and grammar errors... Just didnt flow well at times. I honestly feel like a 4 year old could have caught a lot of these errors.
There is so much random information in here, that you truly get the feel that the authors just want you to know they know about Disneyland. They will get down to such specific detail that in the end it pulls away from the story. If they were writing a guide book for Disneyland it would work, but they are not, they are supposed to be writing a story, we don't need all the detail. Like some other people have said it truly feels like they are just dumping info. If you want to talk about being at the Golden Horseshoe you don't need to remind the reader about every attraction around it, and how to get to each one, and what food is served at the restaurants around it, and what parade is going to be starting and blah blah blah... too much.
Also, there is a solid chapter or so about a carshow having to do with one of the characters T-Bird. Now you know based on the obnoxious picture on the back that the author drives a t bird... but you dont need to put it in the story. It had ABSOLUTLEY NOTHING to do with anything in the story. I'm sorry but we are reading this book because we want a Disney Mystery, not because we want to hear the author rant about an old car no one cares about.
And finally...the ending. I won't spoil it, but let me just say, it is clear from reading the book that the authors know a lot about Disney and Disneyland... so why would they end the book with a popular (and stupid) myth about Walt Disney. I literally was at the edge of my seat reading the end and then boom, they said it and I actually muttered "stupid". That is all I could think of... Completley and utterly stupid. The authors made themselves look stupid and uninformed... They spent all that time researching and gathering facts from Walt's past to end it the way they did.
Save yourself the time and don't read this book. Needless to say I will not be reading the other ones... Stupid"
FlagDownRR Amazon Review 11/06/2011

Excellent - 5 Stars "Very Enjoyable Adventure"
     "This book combines the elements of Disneyland, treasure hunting, and mystery. All this makes for a very fun read. The book could stand on its own but you will have to read book 2 to see how it really ends. I enjoyed the hopscotching across the country to find the answers to the one mystery only to find out more mysteries still needed to be solved. I must admit that the end was a surprise. Please don't cheat and read it first."
Gary A. Knackstedt Amazon Review 10/30/2011

Good - 4 Stars "National Treasure set in Walt Disney's past!"
     "Really that about sums up this fun, trivia filled romp thru Disneyland and the history of how Walt got started.
The two main characters remind me a lot of the protagonists from Sideways.
What also pleasantly suprised me is that the authors managed to come up with some Disney factoids that even I didn't know.
True, the authors are not going to be waiting breathlessly by the phone for a call from Sweden come the day the Nobel Prize in literature is announced. But who cares?
It's treasure, it's Disney, it's fun!!!"
Wulfstan Amazon Review | TOP 500 REVIEWER | VINE VOICE - 10/25/2011

Boring - 2 Stars "Almost Decent"
     "This book was written by two people, but reads like it was written by five. Sections of the books have different styles, the characters are inconsistent and the pace doesn't match.
There is a huge twist in the end that ruins the book. It's a cheap cop out way to end the book, something that we writers are told to avoid. It not only breaks a character's personality, it breaks the logic of the book.
This is a national treasure wannabe, without the logic behind hiding the treasure.
The books also fails with the characters. they are flat, and become annoying. One of them gets girls attention way too often and easily to a fault (of the writers).
The characters are too old. I could imagine them in their late 20's, but they're in their mid 30's. Too old for what they do."
sfadisneyfreak Amazon Review 10/18/2011

Excellent - 5 Stars "A fun read"
     "This book has a lot of action and thrills with a little suspense thrown in for good measure, but best of all it had a lot of Disney lore. As any avid Disney fan could tell you we all know a lot about the parks and history of the man named Disney and his unique brand of entertainment and this book brought them all together. The book takes you between Walt, setting up the treasure quest in the past, to the main characters trying to solve it and live their ordinary lives in the process. Along the way you get the nostalgia from Walt leaving a legacy for those truly up to the challenge. As well as some action, adventure and romance to keep things interesting. But what really caught me was the surprise twist amongst the two main characters. I didn't see that one coming and it was a neat twist. My only issue was that the ending seemed rushed compared to the detail in the first four/fifths of the book. Regardless, it was a good way to pass the evening time. I look forward to reading part 2."
Lilly Belle Amazon Review 09/12/2011

OK - 3 Stars "A great idea, poorly written."
     "When I found out about the National-Treasure-at-Disneyland concept for a book, I thought it was a brilliant idea. I still do actually. Being a Disney freak, I couldn't wait to check it out. What I ended up with was an obviously self-published book badly in need of some editing.
The female love intrest provides a slightly different point of view from the two male leads, but she does not appear until the story is halfway over. There are no real antagonists to speak of until almost the end of the book and that character is immediately sent away. The author goes on for pages at a time about subjects that do not move the story forward in any way. There is an entire chapter devoted to a car show for no apparent reason except that the author likes to show off old cars. The point of view jumps randomly from one character's head to another and frequently information is presented that none of the characters know about.
The biggest problem I had with the book was the regurgitation of facts. Everything learned about Disney (or anything else) is thrown into the story, often as simply an info dump. Frequently, these info dumps are from no one's point of view. Just because information is known by the authors does not mean it needs to go into the book. For example: On page 418, a sentence begins, "If Lance had taken the time, he would have learned..." and then it goes on for a paragraph about a type of horse. The horse has nothing to do with the story, and this is not a textbook. Bottom line: Lance didn't learn it, so niether should we.
On the positive side of my 3 stars, I did enjoy the story. The intrigue of snooping around through Walt Disney's past was entertaining and fun. The epilogue was surprising and fit in well with Disney lore. If they were cheaper, I would even consider reading the sequels. Hopefully somewhere through the series, the authors will spend as much time learning the craft of writing as they do learning about Disney."
Novel Teen Amazon Review 09/05/2011

Excellent - 5 Stars "E Ticket Adventure"
     "Hidden Mickey: Sometimes Dead Men DO Tell Tales is a must read for any fan of Walt Disney, Disneyland or an E ticket adventure. I was spellbound by this well written, extremely fun tale. The action takes you on an exciting journey through the life and highlights of Walt Disney as well as an in depth exploration of the magic and secrets of Disneyland. It is a joy to join the main characters in Hidden Mickey on their adventure. This is a story that will resonate with anyone of any age who loves the world and the legacy of Walt Disney. I highly recommend this book!"
Randy Rossi Amazon Review 08/27/2011

Excellent - 5 Stars "HIGHYL RECOMMEND!!!"
     "I bought the book a couple days ago. It is great. I am a huge Disney fan and it is great reading about the adventures of Lance and Adam. It has great humor and suspense. I highly recommend this book to every Disney fan. I can not put it down I read most of it in 2 nights. I look forward to reading the rest of the series."
robert glover Amazon Review 08/22/2011

Excellent - 5 Stars "Hidden Mickey"
     "Was looking for something new to read after Kingdom Keepers. Was not disappointed. Loved the story about retracing Walt's steps as Adam and Lance did. Couldn't put the book down. Enjoyed the story."
Auntkiki Amazon Review 07/29/2011

Boring - 2 Stars ":("
     "I'm a Disneyphile and I had such high hopes but I could hardly slog my way through this one. I sold it back."
TeaRose Amazon Review 07/03/2011

Excellent - 5 Stars "I really enjoyed this book."
     "This is a treasure hunt adventure book with a touch of romance. It is also a loving tribute to history of Walt Disney the man and the early history of Disneyland. The books goes back and forth between a fictionalized version of Walt Disney�s life and two Disney fans who have found a hidden diary from Walt which leads them on a treasure hunt. It has great Disneyland trivia and encourages you to try to solve each clue as you go.
     I really enjoyed this book. As a true Disneyland fan, such a book is almost irresistible, in fact. It is a bit of wish fulfillment book with very idealized young men getting to do and see Disneyland history and souvenirs that anyone who loves Walt Disney�s works would wish to do as well.
     If you are planning to travel to Disneyland this would be a good book for anyone teenager or older to read in order to learn more about Disneyland while in a fictional adventure. More fun than reading a history book or travel guide. "
Kim K., San Diego, CA USA 06/24/2011

Excellent - 5 Stars "Loved all three books!"
     "As a major Disney fan, I've been a member of the Disneyana Fan Club for years, I was particularly impressed with the attention to detail in all the books. The plot twists made it impossible to put the books down. I'm looking forward to the next in your series!"
Nancy Rhoades., Kelseyville, CA USA - Teacher 06/15/2011

Excellent - 5 Stars "Instantly Hooked!"
     "I saw the first two books in the bookstore in Downtown Disney and bought them based purely on their titles. WOW! Once I started reading, I couldn't put the first one down! I was instantly hooked on the story, and the history. As the story unfolds, I was transported first to all my favorite parts of the Park and then to the wonderful parts of the world that played important parts of Walt's life and the creation of Disneyland. The second book is equally enthralling and entertaining, and I can't wait for the third and hopefully more books!"
Kelli Michelucci, Petaluma, CA USA - Retired School Secretary 05/11/2011

Excellent - 5 Stars "Non-Stop page turner"
     "Reading this book was like riding Space Mountain for the first time. You dont know where its headed and you cant see the finish but its a non stop thrill ride to the very end. I couldnt put it down I read it in a day. Cant wait to read book 2 and 3."
Charles Blackwood, Salt Lake City, UT USA 02/18/2011

Excellent - 5 Stars "Awesome Book!!!"
     "I consider myself a Disney fan and I have been to Disneyland at least once a year for my entire life. While reading this I found that the authors did a wonderful job of taking me back there. I was really able to experience the wonder and magic along with the characters. The story was a lot of fun to read. I really enjoy it and would recommend it to anyone!! Even if you aren't sure if you would like it read it and I'm sure you will. Thank you to the authors and keep them coming. I am looking forward to the third book!!!"
M&M Hill Amazon Review 02/16/2011

Excellent - 5 Stars "Great Disney Adventure!"
     "I ran across your book by accident back a few weeks ago after returning from my first ever trip to Disneyland in CA. I was intrigued by the synopsis straight away and downloaded it from Amazon with my next pay-packet (I own a Kindle, so bought the ebook edition). I just wanted to tell you how much I enjoyed the adventures of Adam, Lance and Beth and what fun it was trying to solve the clues with the characters along the way. There were many clues that I sussed out for myself along the way, and others that had me completely stumped until the book revealed the answers. It was such an enjoyable read and having just visited Disneyland for the first time myself, I was able to picture everything you described in the parks and at times, I felt like I was along for the ride. I can't wait to read the sequel and I'm also excited to read that a third book in the series is also nearly finished. Great job!"
Cara Richards, Portsmouth, Hampshire UK - Office Supervisor 01/10/2011

Excellent - 5 Stars "I throughly enjoyed the book!"
     "I throughly enjoyed the Hidden Mickey book,Sometimes Dead Me Do Tell Tales.I learned a lot about Disneyland that I didn't know. It also made me want to make a trip to Marceline to see Walts boyhood home."
Donna Ayers, Taft, California USA 12/11/2010

Excellent - 5 Stars "A must for any Disney Fan"
     "I am really enjoying this series. A must for any Disney fan. I found this history of Walt Disney very interesting and consistent with what I learned at my recent visit to the Disney Family museum in San Francisco and several weeks after participating in the D23 Scavenger Hunt at Disneyland. I found the history of Walt Disney interwoven into the story just as entertaining as the mystery. I am in the middle of book 2, which I am enjoying just as much, and eagerly look forward to Book 3 next year."
G. Smoluk Amazon Review 11/29/2010

Excellent - 5 Stars "I absolutly LOVE the "Hidden Mickey Books!"
     "I am a total Disney nerd and i love these books because it is full of action, romance, and all things Disney!!! These are my favorite books EVER!!! I cannot wait till the 3rd book in the series, "Hidden Micky 3: Wolf!" comes in 2011!"
Zina M., Lompoc, California USA 09/11/2010

Excellent - 5 Stars "Great Book!"
     "I LOVED this book! Being a Disney and Mystery fan, I was thrilled to see a book that has it all! And to have a Disney Mystery written for Adults is the ultimate. I have it on my Kindle and I bought the paperback as well. I'm expecting Volume 2 any day now and I hope the authors keep the series coming. It's as much fun as being there!"
Sandy Amazon Review 09/01/2010

Excellent - 5 Stars "Excellent - Fun - Engaging"
     "I love this book! This is pure, clean fun in the Disney tradition. You don't necessarily have to be a rabid Disney fan to enjoy it, but it will likely appeal more to those who have at least been to Disneyland/World and enjoyed their time there. The book is very well-written and well-plotted. Sometimes, unfortunately, that's not the case with self-published material, but you don't have to worry about that here. The story is an adventure story that keeps you interested and motivated to continue reading. I can't remember when or even if I've ever had such fun with a book before. I sincerely hope the authors will write more!"
No Zombies Amazon Review 08/15/2010

Excellent - 5 Stars "An attention riveting novel from first page to last and highly recommended"
     "There is a new and popular action/adventure category as represented by the 'National Treasure' films and such television series as 'Unnatural History'. The first full length novel of this new brand of entertainment is "Hidden Mickey: Sometimes Dead Men Do Tell Tales!", a collaborative 482-page work of imaginative fiction by Nancy Temple Rodrigue and David W. Smith which is set against the backdrop of Disneyland. Three friends accidentally come across the long lost diary of Walt Disney and finds hints of a hidden treasure. Following a series of complicated clues which they must decipher, they set off in pursuit involving scattered historical records and subtle connections. What they will find is as imaginative as everything else that the great Walt Disney left as his enduring legacy to the world. Superbly written, "Hidden Mickey" is an attention riveting novel from first page to last and highly recommended, wonderfully entertaining reading."
Midwest Book Review, Oregon, Wisconsin USA 08/06/2010

Excellent - 5 Stars "Didn't want to put it down."
     "Loved the book didn't want to put it down. Looking forward to the next book and the one after that."
Jill Connolly, Bedford Hills, New York USA 08/02/2010

Excellent - 5 Stars "A must read for any Disney fan."
     "I just bought the book a couple of days ago...I can't put it down! A true "Disney" classic. A must read for any Disney fan. 5 stars!"
Tanya Good, Fresno, California USA 07/26/2010

Excellent - 5 Stars "Hidden Mickey - A MUST READ"
     "I only bought the book a week ago and I can not put it down! Every Disney lover MUST read! FIVE STARS!!!"
tikitpg Amazon Review 07/26/2010

Excellent - 5 Stars "Surprisingly Adventurous!"
     "Highly entertaining. I loved the treasure hunting clues. It reminded me of some computer games I have played, but I have not read a book of this kind before. I had to keep reading to the end. I knew who everyone was and the plot was fascinating. The ending begs for a the villain must reform, I just can't accept him as a bad guy!
Seriously enjoyed the book even though I have only been at Disneyland once when I was about 5 years old."
Elizabeth Shepic Amazon Review 07/11/2010

Excellent - 5 Stars "A book you should not pass up"
     "Hidden Mickey is a truly magical Disney mystery unlike any other. The action will keep you on the edge of your seat, and the phenomenal mystery plot will keep you guessing. Fans of Walt Disney and the parks alike: this is a book you should not pass up"
Zach Knickerbocker, Columbus, Ohio USA - 06/04/2010

Excellent - 5 Stars "IT ALL STARTED WITH A MOOSE"
     "It all started with a moose was the hook that started me reading Hidden Mickey. It reminded me of a time when I was in Moscow Idaho and I heard that the police had gotten a call about a loose moose wandering the main street in town so of course I had to find out what this reference meant. Though I haven't finished reading it I suspect the line plays an intriguing part in the story itself.
Some reviews have been written that focus too much on technical details that have no real bearing on the intentions of the book which is to continue the tradition of good detective novels that challenge the reader to use their own powers of deducement to try and figure out where the story is going next. The Disney setting offers the reader a wide range of colorful visual and historical references that add to the fun and bring back fond memories of my own past experiences of Disneyland and their many television shows that have shaped my own personality and positive outlook on life. Hidden Mickey is mature enough in its story line and dialog to appeal to the mature reader, and as clever and diverse in contemporary animated movie imagery to appeal to the younger audience.
I tend to be a fast reader and so I look for the patterns that help me with that. I liked the fact the the first line in each paragraph gave me some idea as to what that paragrah would contain, and the first paragraph in each chapter set the stage for what I could expect to take away from that chapter. Each chapter flowed nicely and doved tailed perfectly into the next. I haven't gotten lost at any point so far.
I give this book a five star rating and suggest that everyone read it. I hope a sequel will follow soon."
Leldon R. Price Amazon Review 04/17/2010

Boring - 2 Stars "Simple mistakes get in the way"
     "The overall storyline was good. I enjoyed the adventure on it. While reading the book I was disappointed that there wasn't really an antagonist until the end. The plot twist was great, I never saw it coming (but looking back I can see the clues). However, one thing truly bugged me: the simple errors. For this reason, I won't be recommending this book to any of my avid reader friends (which I have an English degree, so I have a lot of avid reader friends). 1st off, the dates start off correlating with the real dates, then all of a sudden it stops! I know not everyone is going to look up the real dates, so that didn't really bother me. But, on page 188 Lance says "Tomorrow is Wednesday, a school day. We fly out Thursday. Hopefully we will figure it out once we get there." 2 paragraphs down the date is now Monday, May 22nd, 2002. A couple of pages back it says that the date is Sunday May, 21st, 2002. Ummm, pretty obvious mistake. Also, on page 456, honestly spelling Saturday wrong? Spell check could have caught that.
These are only a few that I found, and it was so distracting I can't really give it a good review."
Sarah J. Cleveland Amazon Review 04/09/2010

Excellent - 5 Stars "I want to see the MOVIE?"
     "WOW! OMG! Mr Toads Wild ride was nothing when compared to this Book! I want to see the MOVIE? what fun it was to learn all about Walt Disney's Past. and some cool Secrets of the Disneyland park at the same time. Who knew the Pirate ride had real treasure in it!"
Jim Mortensen, Windsor, California USA 01/28/2010

Excellent - 5 Stars "E-ticket ride....loved it."
     "Fast, fun, exciting with a few surprises. E-ticket ride....loved it. Looking forward to your next novel. There is a next novel? Right?"

Diane Richmond, Garden Grove, Calif. USA - Disney Cast Member 01/21/2010

Excellent - 5 Stars "The end almost made me scream."
     "This is one of the most gripping books I've ever had the pleasure to buy (signed, thank you Mrs. Rodrigue, and Mr. Smith). I know a little bit about about some Disney Secrets, and this books mixed some facts I knew and some I didn't, and I encourage that they write a sequel or two (same characters), and my least favorite part of the book was (spoiler), and the end almost made me scream. Thank you for putting that (spoiler) into the book. -Matthew"
Matthew Fernandes, Turlock, California USA 01/11/2010

Good - 4 Stars "Not a Disneyphile - still loved it!"
     "I began reading this book because the author who is a very good friend asked me to. I've lived in California all my life and in Southern California 33 years and I've only been to Disneyland 3 times. My favorite cartoons were Bugs Bunny, Popeye and Bulwinkle. There was that year when I was 5 when "The Absentminded Professor" inspired me to search for the elusive formula for "Flubber". But apart from that unfortunate foray into the science of mixing commen household cemicals together until the smell alerted my mom, I have found very few Disney movies overly intriguing. Needless to say a book about Disney et al. was not high on my 'must read' list. Being a avid reader though, I dove right in. That is to say, I put the book down and forgot about it until she asked how I had liked what I had read. Guilt finally drove me back to the book. I was somewhat unimpressed by the first chapter, (not really caring how many knotholes are in the sign for the 'Horseshoe Review' or whatever) but by the second I must say I was hooked. This book is an action adventure with some of the elements of a good mystery thrown in. Its writen in a compelling way that made it hard to find a convenent place to put it down. (I guess that's what the other guy means by flabby). I didn't find any outwardly offensive language except perhaps "holy crap" and that only if your offended by the concept of sanctifying crap, something I myself would never do but I can't speak for anyone else. Overall I found this a very good read, which I would and have recommed to anyone, even if your not a Disney fanatic."
K Griggs Amazon Review 12/23/2009

Good - 4 Stars "A fun, easy read!"
     "For those who enjoy a lighthearted, fun mystery then pick up this book! It is NOT just for the hardcore Disney fan, although this is a book for them, and will entertain all who choose to read it with its fun trivia about Disney. To criticize it and say say "...unless you not only eat, breathe and sleep Disney and all things Mickey Mouse, but also take those things on a daily IV drip, this book is not worth the time..." is a gross overstatement! Also, before posting such dribble, try reading the whole book.
To the reviewer who claimed it has swearing in it, where?!? Are you simply looking for something to pick on? One or two typos does not make this book seem amateurish obviously don't read very many books do you? I find it sad that you felt the need to blast a book in this manner. It is one thing to not have enjoyed it yourself but to be as nasty as that is uncalled for...shame on you! Try accepting a book for what it is...a fun little mystery with lots of neat trivia designed to entertain, not the next DaVinci Code. Oh and giving away the ending...are you kidding me? Do you like to spoil the end of movies for people who haven't seen them yet as well? Good job.../sarcasm."
M. Sandezer Amazon Review 12/16/2009

Excellent - 5 Stars "Can't wait for a sequel"
     "As an avid Disney lover, my initial reaction to this book was "wonderful". It was very well written and the dialogue did not seem forced or fake at any point. The characters were fleshed out nicely and I think it would do well in a sequel.
This book has a lot of action and thrills with a little supsense thrown in for good measure. I'm sure Walt himself would have been proud of the effort put into this book not to mention the sheer fun in reading it.
My teenager can't wait to read it next, and keeps asking how it ends, which I refuse to divulge.
Congrats and nice job to the authors."
M. Zinkowsky Amazon Review 12/16/2009

Excellent - 5 Stars "I recommend that you read this book"
     "As soon as I saw this book I knew it was something I had to read, and sure enough I was right. This book didn't disappoint from start to finish. If you had a day with nothing to do, I recommend that you read this book, just like me (and many others), you will not be able to put it down. The story takes you right into what feels like a movie and you can't wait to see what is around the next corner."
Maggie Yunker, Hurricane, Utah USA 12/08/2009

Excellent - 5 Stars "This book will not disappoint. Great read!"
     "I enjoyed this book from start to finish.  Actually surprised how it ended. Wow.
     I like mysteries, so this fit in nicely. The historical fiction included was an added bonus since that is the other type of book I like to read. This book will not disappoint. Great read!"
Dione Lineberry, Dallas, Texas USA - Landscaper 12/02/2009

Good - 4 Stars "Looking forward to the "Hidden Mickey" movie..."
     "I really enjoyed "Hidden Mickey" - I am a sucker for a good mystery/adventure story and this was definitely one that kept me intrigued! It is a very exciting idea that Walt Disney may have left a treasure for his devotees to find - as the mystery unfolds, you want to be there to see what is uncovered! I look forward to the movie..."
A. Trujillo Amazon Review 10/27/2009

Good - 4 Stars "Hidden Mickey is a fun read"
     "I really enjoyed reading this book. I felt like I was right there with the characters as they travelled the world over searching for the clues Walt had left for them. The action and plot twists keep me on the edge of my seat. And the ending was one I did not see coming - in more ways than one."
Amy Seifert Amazon Review 10/26/2009

Excellent - 5 Stars "I LOVED THE BOOK!!!"
     "I can't wait to see a sequel to the story. Now every time I ride the train or pirates, I am going to be looking for hidden doors, hatches, crawl spaces, etc. I want to find a diary like Adam did. And what great history to learn about Walt Disney! Loved it!! Thank you Nancy for a great story. Write another one soon!"
Ruth T., Lomita, California USA 10/25/2009

Boring - 2 Stars "Only hardcore disney-philes need apply"
     "Sorry gang, but unless you not only eat, breathe and sleep Disney and all things Mickey Mouse, but also take those things on a daily IV drip, this book is not worth the time.
The authors give Walt and Mickey the Dan Brown/Da Vinci Code treatment.
I really don't know where to start. The storytelling is flabby. I read it because I review books for a paper and the publisher wanted me to do it because of a local connection. (I may slap him.) With something like Dan Brown you expect things, but there is a tautness to the storytelling. You get none of that here. The main purpose of this book seems to be so the authors can show off all the Disney trivia they've accumulated over the years. They say it's like Mister Toad's Wild Ride on steriods. Definitely not the steroids, and not really wild either. I finally gave it up at page 178. By that time in a book I should feel the tension and be wanting to get back. There was neither.
As a travelogue, this may have worked, but not as an adventure story.
The one and only market for this book is hardcore Disney fans, and it should be sold at a convention. There is no action in this. No adventure. Only a recitation of little known facts of about Walt Disney. Not really worth the effort, and definitely not worth the cover price of almost $13.00"
Rich Rogers Amazon Review 10/24/2009

Excellent - 5 Stars "Absolutely PHENOMENAL!"
     "I am a fan of all things Disney and especially the beloved Magic Kingdom. The way the story works through key points in Walt's life, delivering clue after clue will have readers up all hours motivated by Walt's Treasure.
    The book gives wonderful insight to the life of Walt Disney, and offers a fictional yet thought provoking possibility of Walt leaving behind a legacy and a treasure for those who "quit talking and begin doing." Cant wait for any sequels! Wonderful book!"
Jake Amundsen, Santa Clara, Utah USA - College Student 10/19/2009

Excellent - 5 Stars "I was riveted!"
     "I had so much fun reading Hidden Mickey. If you are a Disney fan, a Mystery fan, or both, this is a must read for you! The story is well written and I was riveted. When I had to put the book down, to cook dinner or clean up a bit, I couldn't wait to pick it back up! To think Walt could have left such a treasure of any kind is so fantastic! Even though the story is fiction, I found myself thinking, "Wow, that could actually be there!" I couldn't wait to see how the story ended! Well done!"
Tracy Hathaway, Salinas, California USA 10/02/2009

Excellent - 5 Stars "I look forward to your next project/book!"
    "Thanks for bringing your T-bird, and the books to the Santa Maria car show. I am really enjoying the whole Disney theme of the book, and the way the story is evolving. Introducing the characters, and how they tour the park for clues was indeed a stroke of genius because every reader will re-live visiting the park all over again. Thanks for that. I have always enjoyed all things Disney, and my 62 years of age have not dimmed my childhood sense of fun, and adventure. I will share my book with my daughter who is also a Disney person, and buy a few for my reading friends as I know they will enjoy it also. I look forward to your next project/book, and thanks to all three of you for your enthusiasm which sparked my curiosity."
Gus Rodriguez, San Luis Obispo, California USA 09/27/2009

Excellent - 5 Stars "a fun and engaging read!"
     "Hidden Mickey was entertaining from start to finish - a fun and engaging read. After visiting Disney Land many times as a youngster and later with my own children, I was able to follow the story line as if I was there. I have recently mailed a copy to my three children as I know they will love reading Hidden Mickey. My highest recommendation and my compliments to the authors."
Rich Berman, Boulder, Colorado USA 09/27/2009

Excellent - 5 Stars "What a fantastic book!"
     "I thought this would be a book for just Disney fanatics (which I am), but it wasn't! This book was full of suspense, and I could not put it down. It had a great story and great characters, and it kept me guessing. The historical aspects of Walt Disney's life were extremely interesting. How fun would it be to go on the adventure that Adam, Lance and Beth went on! Great job, Nancy and David!"
Lea Robinson, San Antonio, Texas USA - Disney Vacation Planner 09/25/2009

Good - 4 Stars "What a wonderful book!"
     "As soon as the story get going it is difficult NOT to keep reading. The research and attention to details of Disneyland made me want to go to the park and relive childhood memories and make new ones. And reminders on what the park was built for-a place for families to spend time together. The active search for clues kept me anxiously involved to see what would happen next and where it would lead them. The ending doesn't disappoint and neither does the book. Can't wait for the movie. "
Anne Enright, Modesto, California USA - Pharmacy Tech 09/24/2009

Excellent - 5 Stars "I'm ready for the next one!"
     "This book was great. It was hard to put it down. I was really surprised at the way it ended. I truly wasn't ready for this ending. If you like to read or even if you don't you will enjoy this book. It brought back memories from Disneyland when I was a child. Some of the rides that were mentioned I had forgotten about. Great job Nancy I'm ready for the next one."
Frankie Bethune, Lompoc, California USA - The Box Shop 09/17/2009

Excellent - 5 Stars "I look forward to the movie!"
     "I really enjoyed "Hidden Mickey" - I am a sucker for a good mystery/adventure story and this was definitely one that kept me intrigued! It is a very exciting idea that Walt Disney may have left a treasure for his devotees to find - as the mystery unfolds, you want to be there to see what is uncovered! I look forward to the movie..."
Amy, Saint George, Utah USA 09/17/2009

Excellent - 5 Stars "It was like sitting through a movie!"
     "I LOVE THIS BOOK! It got me hooked from the first Chapter. Love the Disney connections. First, let me say that this was very well-written! The book was very enjoyable to read! I felt like I was watching a movie instead of reading a book. :) I loved how you brought each character in, and how they each related to the story. GREAT JOB! It really was a good book! I normally don't read THAT fast, but I couldn't wait to see what was going to happen!!! It was like sitting through a movie, so I really didn't want to take too long in-between reading it! My family kept asking me what was going on, as I sat on my couch, glued to my book!"
Misty Amodt, St. George, Utah, USA - Teacher, Literary Reviewer & Editor

Excellent - 5 Stars "Disney Fans Will LOVE THIS BOOK!"
     "This book reads like a James Michener Novel... great characters, great adventure, Disney Fans Will LOVE THIS BOOK!"
Mike Krupa, Manahawkin, New Jersey, USA - Literary Reviewer & Editor


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