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Our Mission

Double R Books Publishing, as a publishing professional, is focused on just one goal: to make your vision, our mission. We are known as a premiere independent publishing firm and have achieved this status through a series of targeted and highly successful solutions.

We publish in paperback, hardcover, and ebook format books under our "Double R Books" publishing imprint.

With integrity, responsiveness, and a detailed straight forward presentation, we provide the best menu of custom book publishing services for independent and small press book publishers available anywhere. We serve a local, national and international clientele and hope that your book project can soon become our next mission.

We work mainly in the Disney themed genre of book publishing including historical fiction, fiction, science fiction, fantasy, suspense, mystery, for adults, teens, tweens, and children.


We work closely with our authors to create and execute highly effective marketing and distribution service plans; an integral part of any publishing project.

Here's what we do for our Authors to get their works out there:

  • We develop an overall marketing strategy.

  • We develop promotional material specifically for your project.

  • We submit your manuscript to reviewers to get your book noticed.

  • We convert books to eBook formats and ensure they are properly listed and sold on major Internet Retailer Websites like Amazon for the Kindle, Barnes & Noble for Nook eReaders, the Apple Bookstore for iPads and Iphones, the Kobo Bookstore, as well as to other Internet Retailer Websites and eBook Libraries in the USA and Internationally.

We also do the following:

  • When you choose Double R Books Publishing, we will take care of getting your title to market as efficiently as possible. Your book can be made directly available to a global network of book wholesalers, retailers, eBook distributors, and online sellers. By putting your titles in front of the industry’s most-important decision-makers, we open the doors to new sales opportunities.

  • The books we publish go in the quarterly catalog that is distributed to the “big-box” trade outlets, including Barnes & Noble, Books-A-Million, etc., also to retail stores, like Costco, Target, Disney; and other nontraditional distribution channels, including craft stores, museums, libraries, airport bookstores, hospitals, gift shops, and genre-specific stores.

  • The ebooks we publish are made available to retail bookstores and international and U.S. publishing partners, including Amazon, Apple iTunes, Kobo Books, and other major websites and eLibraries. Targeting these niche retailers can open up untapped distribution channels, getting your books more exposure.

  • When our authors works involve television rights, film rights, foreign rights sold, and/or related merchandising, author royalties apply, based on the profits involved on these negotiated deals.

  • After we establish a relationship with you, the author, we work with you on promotion to the media, and/or other venues available. This may even include promotion to movie and/or television studios. After we release the publication, we then require you to work with us in all media arrangements, like book signings, photos, interviews, etc. at bookstores, in blogs and/or podcasts, and/or other venues. Once your book is in print, you can order as many copies of your books as you need, to use for your own promotion and personal use. We require you to be fully committed and willing to share in all endeavors that we arrange for your book to succeed. Our main objective is to see success in the way of great profits for our authors.

As in any business, time-tested solutions obtain desired results. Experience is the best teacher and we have plenty. Our goal is working with our Authors to shorten their learning curve, saving precious time that is better spent on other areas of the project.

Let us build a professional publishing plan for you.

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Double R Books is a publisher of books in paperback, hardcover, and ebook formats, mainly in the Disney themed genre.

Double R Books Publishing joined forces with Ingram, the largest book distributor in the world.
All Hidden Mickey and Hidden Mickey Adventures series novels are available to Retailers, Libraries, and Schools in Hardcover and Paperback through INGRAM.

Double R Books Print titles have worldwide book distribution on Amazon & Barnes & Noble Bookstores.
Double R Books Ebook titles have worldwide book distribution on, Barnes&, the Apple Bookstore, Kobo Books, Overdrive, and many other online bookstores.

Double R Books Publishing is a member of Association of American Publishers with colleagues including Disney, Random House, Harpercollins, Harvard and Colombia University Press, and more.

Our Authors are provided with expert book publishing and book distribution services, and very fair royalties.


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