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It All Started...
by Nancy Temple Rodrigue and David W. Smith
1st Edition Paperback - September 1, 2010 - ISBN 13: 9780974902630
Revised Edition Paperback - February 1, 2016 - ISBN 13: 9781938319266
1st Edition Hardcover - October 1, 2015 - ISBN 13: 9781938319150
eBook - September 1, 2010 - ISBN 13: 9780974902661




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Hidden Mickey 2: It All Started... takes you through hidden parts of Disneyland and exotic locations in Walt Disney’s history. You will finally meet the mysterious Blond-Haired Man, first seen at the bedside of one of the world’s most beloved entertainers in the first book of the Hidden Mickey series, Sometimes Dead Men DO Tell Tales! What was included in the set of instructions he was given by Walt just before he died? Is there more to the Hidden Mickey quest than we were already shown? What is the real power of the red heart-shaped diamond that mysteriously came from the depths of the jungle?

Lance Brentwood, the spoiled bad-boy of Hidden Mickey, finds himself in an unfamiliar position – alone and at loose ends. Staying with his Security job at Disneyland, he goes back to the scene of his crime. Now, in an ironic twist of fate, Lance is the one at the receiving end of a .44 Magnum.

When Lance awakens in an unknown location, he learns that the legacy Walt set in place is more far-reaching than he had ever imagined. He is given one cryptic clue and finds that his entire destiny lies in it’s decipher. Can Lance earn the trust of the Blond-Haired Man’s daughter, Kimberly, or does the feisty beauty have plans of her own? The intrigue heats up when Lance has to team up with Kimberly as the two embark on an even wilder quest to unravel Walt Disney’s final clue and ultimately find the very treasure that helped Walt build the greatest entertainment company in the world.

As the Blond-Haired Man’s chauffer, Daniel Crain was content to sit on the sidelines and live the easy life. Seeing a chance to up the stakes, Crain will stop at nothing to step into the position of power he feels he has been deprived. The only thing he sees standing in his way is Lance – and what appears to be a growing attachment between Lance and Kimberly. 

Who will win the battle for Walt’s legacy – the one man determined to preserve it or the other man determined to destroy it? In what seems to be a no-way-out situation, Lance discovers there is far more to the Legacy of the great showman, Walt Disney, and is thrust into a life-or-death race to uncover what the Master Storyteller wants someone to find.

For Lance, It All Started...

  "The book captured my attention immediately, and I was only too happy to immerse myself into the story and become a part of it with the characters...
"I found myself pulled along by the historical information, detailed descriptions, the search for clues, but most of all the romantic development... more.....
"Loved the book. Couldn't put it down. I have only been to Disneyland once and that was only for half a day, because of this book I am now planning a vacation there. Can't wait for the 3rd book to come out...

Hidden Mickey 2
It All Started...

HIDDEN MICKEY 2: It All Started... - Paperback Edition

HIDDEN MICKEY 2: It All Started... - Paperback Edition

HIDDEN MICKEY 2: It All Started... - Hardback Edition

4"x7" Paperback 5"x8" Paperback 6"x9" Hardcover
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