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The Fan Letter
The Fan Letter



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Excellent - 5 Stars "My Gift through Reading"
     "This book has helped me throughout the years in appreciating the greats who need fan. thank you and support letters. . It teaches you how and when to do it."
Renee Evers Amazon review 03/07/2014

Good - 4 Stars "I liked this book, very entertaining! I particularly liked the"
     "I liked this book, very entertaining! I particularly liked the suspense, it really kept me guessing. The characters were very believable, I think I will be reading this bookagain and again. It was a lot of fun!! I highly recommend!"
Cara_Richards Barnes & Noble review 05/22/2013

Excellent - 5 Stars "Five stars"
Anonymous Barnes & Noble review 05/19/2011

Excellent - 5 Stars "Five stars"
Anonymous Barnes & Noble review 05/18/2011

Excellent - 5 Stars "A fabulous and fun read! I highly recommend!"
    "The Fan Letter is a fabulous and fun read. It is the kind of book that you would want when you are in the mood to be removed from your every day cares and entertained�like any good book should do! The suspense is playful and amusing with just enough turns to keep you guessing and hoping for a certain outcome. The characters are some of the most real that this writer has produced. You feel as if you could meet them for lunch and catch-up. The wit with a touch of sarcasm is quite catching�Oh! If you had only thought to say that! Each character's daily life is a mirror of the many things that we all face, yet it�s spiced up by the big city and big lights of the LA backdrop. Money, love, fame, desire, intrigue and even a hint of betrayal make this just the book to pick up and read over a weekend on the go�or even the couch, bed or hammock. Great fun!! I highly recommend this very engaging newest edition. "
Karla Gallagher, Lompoc CA, USA - High School English Teacher 05/08/2011




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