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Hidden Mickey4
Hidden Mickey 4



Wolf! Happily Ever After?

Excellent 4.73 average (22 reviews)

Excellent - Excellent - 5 Stars 17 - 5-star reviews
Good ------ Good - 4 Stars 04 - 4-star reviews
OK --------- OK - 3 Stars 01 - 3-star reviews
Boring ---- Boring - 2 Stars 00 - 2-star reviews
Bad -------- Bad - 1 Star 00 - 1-star reviews


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OK - 3 Stars "Not bad but Not Great"
     "The ending to this series was ok. Not the ending I would have hoped for but it still kept me turning the pages."
Rachael Amazon Review 07/17/2015

Excellent - 5 Stars "Can't put down"
     "Great read, brilliant characters and story. You feel like you are there. Love this series, can't for more books in the series & to read Hidden Mickey Adventures."
K. Simpson, Perth, Western Australia - Amazon review 05/27/2014

Good - 4 Stars "A fun story – 4 stars!"
     "Another fun story by Nancy Rodrigue. It continues the saga of Wolf, a security person at the Disneyland park who we first met in book 3. Definitely a good read."
Will Rogers, Mesa, AZ - Amazon review 01/20/2014

Good - 4 Stars "DISNEY LOVERS GRAB THIS! – 4 stars!"
     "Lovers of all things Disney will love this fantasy series. Always interesting Disney "back room" settings that made me wonder how accurate the authors descriptions are."
Rodney G. Parrish - Amazon review 12/06/2013

Excellent - 5 Stars "Must read Hidden Mickey 4 Wolf! – 5 stars!"
     "Both my 12 year old and I (mom aged) have read this series and have really enjoyed it. Hidden Mickey 4 Wolf! continues Wolf's story in an entertaining and engrossing manner. A must read for Disney fans! We love Nancy Temple Rodrigue's books!"
R McDaniel - Amazon review 11/14/2013

Excellent - 5 Stars "Fantastic! – 5 stars!"
     "Have love the entire series and this one did not disappoint. The first book is still my favorite but I've truly enjoyed the ongoing adventures of Wolf. Looking forward to future releases (hopefully!)"
S. Kinsey - Amazon review 01/01/2013

Good - 4 Stars "Really Book 3-Part 2 – 4 stars!"
     "If you haven't read book 3, stop here - there are spoilers. Also, if you haven't read book 3, there is no point in reading this one, because you will have NO idea what is going on. This book is a direct continuation of book 3, and pick up immediately where book 3 left off.
     OK, so you've read book 3 and know that Rose, the woman who lived in the alternate reality burning cabin on Tom Sayer Island is actually Sleeping Beauty transferred from her "reality" to 19th century America. And at the end of book 3 she is trapped in 21st century Disneyland, transformed into a swan. This book is the story of Rose, Wolf, and Wals plan to return Rose to 12th century Europe, and to ultimately return the red pendant to 20th Century Disneyland. In many ways this is a Fantasyland parallel to the Frontierland story told in book 3, with numerous jumps between the 19th, 20th, and 21st centuries in America as well as jumps to 10th and 12th century England. Once again changes in Disneyland result in changes in the 12th century world of Sleeping Beauty. Along the way you get to meet several other characters made famous in Disney films, and there are some very interesting tie-togethers made. This book certainly has more action than book 3 (with a quite spectacular finale), and taken together, they make for a very satisfying foray into Disney-inspired fantasy."
Trout26 - Amazon review 12/13/2012

Excellent - 5 Stars "Totally Happily Ever After! – 5 stars!"
     "I love the Hidden Mickey's books and this one did not disappoint!! If you love everything Disney, then you must read these books. The books are so well-written, that I felt I was a part of the story."
A. Ross, Wichita, KS USA - Amazon review 04/01/2012

Good - 4 Stars "If you like fairy tales you will like this book. – 4 stars!"
     "If you are a big fan of fairy tales you will probably like this book. This book concludes the story started in book 3 and is better than book 3 (thus the 4 stars) but it is still fairly slow. If you were expecting the treasure hunt action of books 1 and 2 then you will be disappointed. If you like Harry Potter type stories then you will probably like the book. There are Disneyland locations and Disney history but none of it really has much to do with the story line."
Gary A. Knackstedt, Stockton CA USA - Amazon review 01/14/2012

Excellent - 5 Stars "Great addition to the Hidden Mickey Books Series"
     "Hidden Mickey 4: Wolf! Happily Ever After? is another suspense-filled page-turner that picks up immediately after where the previous edition Hidden Mickey 3: Wolf! The Legend of Tom Sawyer Island. Take a trip back in time to meet Merlin the Magician and found out if Wolf and his friend Wals are able to return Princess Aurora back to her "appropriate" time. Also found out if Wals and Aurora are able to find true love and live "Happily Ever After." While this is going on experience yet another battle between Good and Evil and how the different things that are so well known in Disneyland Park tie into what we've read in the books about Merlin and the age of King Aurthur. Read to find out who wins the ultimate battle of Good and Evil and what is meant to happen with the "Happiest Place on Earth" in the future."
Charlie Fagan, La Verne, CA USA - Amazon review 11/20/2011

Excellent - 5 Stars "Loved it! – 5 stars!"
     "I loved this 4th book in the Hidden Mickey series! It's a great page turner! I couldn't put it down! There's lots of adventure & action! I love the Disney history, characters, & magic. If you love anything Disney, then you'll definitely love this book!"
cathy_bear-36 - Amazon review 11/15/2011

Excellent - 5 Stars "Great Read! – 5 stars!"
     "This book continues from where Hidden Mickey #3 leaves off. The mysterious Rose is trying to get returned to her own time and place with the help of Wolf and Wals. Something is not quite right when they discover that someone who was thought to be dead is actually alive and still looking for the Hidden Mickey Diamond.
     This was an amazing read and I highly recommend it to any Disney Historian or lover of anything Disney. The author's creative use of fantasy and history of Disney and Disneyland makes this book awesome!"
Rob Gaertig, Fresno, CA USA - Amazon review 11/15/2011

Excellent - 5 Stars "Loved the book!!! – 5 stars!"
     "I loved the 4th Hidden book. So many details drawn from Walt's Life, Disney Classic movies and Disney history. Impossible to put the book down, definitely a page turner. Looking forward to what Nancy will write in the future and continue to develop the Hidden Mickey Books!"
Amy Steinbeck - Amazon review 11/15/2011

Excellent - 5 Stars "Love, love, love the book – 5 stars!"
     "Hidden Mickey 4 is a page turner! The story, just continues to develop with more twists and turns. There are so many details intertwined throughout the book from the classic Disney Movies and Disneyland. I hope Nancy doesn't quit with this book! Absolutely loved #4 and can't wait to see what the future holds!!"
Amy S., Davenport, FL USA - WDW Nurse 11/14/2011

Excellent - 5 Stars "A fun book - Would recommend it to any Disney fan"
     "I was able to preview this book and it was such a great story. I love that she brought in characters from Disney movies as well as the different places around Disneyland. I have read all of the Hidden Mickey series and would highly recommend all of them!!!"
Megan Hill, Elk Grove, CA USA - Teacher 11/14/2011

Excellent - 5 Stars "Fabulous Book!! A definitely great read!! – 5 stars!"
     "Hidden Mickey 4 Wolf is a great addition and ending to this series. I sincerely hope it won't be the last, as though ending was a great close, there could still be more great magical adventures for the Hidden Mickey quest. This book was great from the beginning of magic with Merlin all the way through the Disneyland we all love. The Disneyland history woven throughout the novel is fabulous for every Disney fan out there! A great addition to any Disney collection of books!"
Kathy Kanack, Anchorage, AK USA 11/13/2011

Excellent - 5 Stars "A great hit! – 5 stars!"
     "This book was great! It took off right where the last book ended. It shows what happens to Rose, Wolf & all of the great characters introduced in the Hidden Mickey series of books. If you love Disney, then you'll love this book! Get ready to take off on another Wolf adventure."
Cathy G., Salinas, CA USA 11/12/2011

Excellent - 5 Stars "Highly Recommended – 5 stars!"
     "Full of adventure and magic. A must read for the entire family. So good that the characters jumped out of the book using mystery and cunning. This book has an evil witch who was apprenticed to merlin. Always have to have some one evil-it keeps the energy going."
Carson C., Washington, UT USA - Student 10/28/2011

Excellent - 5 Stars "Great Books - Good for all ages – 5 stars!"
     "Thanks for having the Kindle version of the book reloaded to Amazon - I was anxiously waiting to read this volume."
SusanK - Amazon review 10/26/2011

Excellent - 5 Stars "Gang Busters!! Fabulous! Keep the ride going please?!!"
     "Wow!! This was one smooth read! The plot was superb with its climatic conflict of good verses evil, yet the characters really pulled it along. We hope this isn’t the beginning of the end of the series because this cast of characters, Wolf, Mato, Lance, Kimberly, and Wals has become like real people—friends that you look forward to meeting and catching up on the latest turn of adventure. You feel their struggle of staying true to their inner nature and desires, while rejoicing in their conquests. Of course, some of the characters that you are introduced to like the evil one—Nimue, you just love to despise and relish at her downfall! This is truly the most polished and outstanding of all the Hidden Mickey series!! It will leave you pleading for just one more! "
Karla Gallagher, Lompoc, CA USA - English Teacher, Editor 09/20/2011

Excellent - 5 Stars "Will she or won't she? – 5 stars!"
     "The exciting ending of this story leaves it wide open - will there be another book in the series? This is perhaps the most gripping and fast paced story of the series. It will bring you back to your childhood with the memories of your favorite fairy tales mixed into the modern world. If you liked the others, you will love this one!"
Alyssa Colodny, Huntington Beach, CA USA - Nurse, Proofreader 09/17/2011

Excellent - 5 Stars "E Ticket Ride! – 5 stars!"
     "When I find a really good book, I try to savor it, enjoying every 'morsel' of entertainment. This usually means trying to take my time reading it (that way it's not over too soon). I felt like I was just hanging on for the ride! It didn't take long for this story to take off like an "E Ticket" roller coaster, all I could do was hang on and enjoy the excitement. I'm definitely planning on "getting back in line" for another go at the thrills.
     I thoroughly enjoyed the historical Walt Disney tidbits woven into the story line. I have always adored Walt Disney, and all that he managed to create. But this added a depth and richness to his legacy.
     The only complaint that I might put out is that I wasn't sure I liked the epilogue so much. As it approached the ending, I kind of saw it coming. It does have a punch though. All in all, I loved it! And I can't wait for the next book! (Especially since I have gotten a tiny teaser from the author!)"
C. Dayley - Amazon review 05/31/2010


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