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Wolf! Happily Ever After?

by Nancy Temple Rodrigue
1st Edition Paperback - November 15, 2011 - ISBN 13: 9780974902685
Revised Edition Paperback - February 1, 2016 - ISBN 13: 9781938319143
1st Edition Hardcover - July 1, 2015 - ISBN 13: 9781938319174
eBook - September 15, 2011 - ISBN 13: 9780974902692




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Hidden Mickey 4: Wolf! Happily Ever After? continues where Hidden Mickey 3 Wolf!: The Legend of Tom Sawyer's Island ended...

Wolf, the mysterious Disneyland security guard and Guardian of Walt Disney, along with a 21st century helper and a lovely damsel lost in time, finds himself traveling throughout history as he tries to get the enchanted princess, Briar Rose, back to her own castle and time. As the powerful red diamond heart-shaped pendant gets closer to its rightful owner, Wolf crosses paths with Merlin as he tries to sort out the dangers ahead.

Once loved by the powerful Merlin, his apprentice Nimue shows her true colors by betraying him?and all who come close to her?as she attempts to regain control of the powerful pendant. Her name might change through the eons, but her heart of evil stays the same.

Trying to keep his home base of Disneyland as his touchstone, Wolf struggles against the powers of darkness. When it finally overtakes him, his friend Wals must figure out a way to break through the fabric of time to bring back help. Returning to the Guardian's distant past, Wals must convince Wolf's warrior brother Mato to trust him and leap into the swirling vortex that destroyed his brother's life.

Join the heroes?past and present?as they unite for one last stand against the forces of evil in a showdown that will rock the very foundations on which Disneyland was built.

Wolf! Happily Ever After?

  "Hidden Mickey 4 is a page turner! The story, just continues to develop with more twists and turns..."

"This book was great! It took off right where the last book ended..." more.....
"Full of adventure and magic. A must read for the entire family. So good that the characters jumped out of the book using mystery and cunning..." more.....

Hidden Mickey 4
Wolf! Happily Ever After?

HIDDEN MICKEY 4: Wolf! Happily Ever After? - Paperback Edition

HIDDEN MICKEY 4: Wolf! Happily Ever After? - Paperback Edition

HIDDEN MICKEY 4: Wolf! Happily Ever After? - Hardback Edition

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