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Hidden Mickey 3
Hidden Mickey 3



Wolf! The Legend of Tom Sawyer's Island

Excellent - 4.5 Stars 4.37 average (30 reviews)

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Hidden Mickey 2
Hidden Mickey 3




Excellent - 5 Stars "Easy read."
     "Charming murder mystery/ romance. Easy read. Would be a nice take along on vacation book."
Kansas Cross Stitcher Amazon Review 03/01/2016

Good - 4 Stars "A little confusing but a good read"
     "This third installment of the series was actually really interesting and kept me turning the pages. It got a bit weird in a few parts because of the whole time traveling and how events in Disneyland make things change in the real timeline. All in all a good read."
Rachael Amazon Review 07/17/2015

Excellent - 5 Stars "Awesome. Love Wolf in both of his forms."
     "Wow. I could not put it down. Yes, you have to imagine a lot, and totally suspend all reality, but pure fantasy is sometimes just what you need. Laughed out loud many times, and had so much sympathy for the characters as well. Made me want my own wolf, (talking, of course) says this lover of next best thing, German Shepherds. If you are into this series, this is by far the best book. Don't pass it up!"
judi721 Amazon Review 11/19/2014

Good - 4 Stars "An Interesting Twist"
     "Another Interesting book by Nancy Rodrigue. This one introduces us to a new character named Wolf and starts a twist to many stories about Disney. A book you should all enjoy."
Will Rogers Amazon Review 01/20/2014

Excellent - 5 Stars "BEST BOOK SERIES EVER"
     "I read the first 4 books in the serious 3 years ago when I was 11. I could not put them down as much as I tried. I was up till 3 AM almsot every summer morning reading them. :) They're amazing books!!!!!!!!!!!! Literally the best series I've ever read. I had the privledge of meeting Nancy and her husband at Rainforest Cafe one day and they are the sweetest people. The books are incredible and I COMPLETLY recommend them. If you're reading this right now, BUY THEM!! Now!! They're are the best books ever, full of adventure, incorperated with Disney which is a perfect combination. Completly reccomended. :)"
tristin_the_backpack Amazon Review 08/04/2013

OK - 3 Stars "Hidden Mickey 3 Wolf"
     "I found this book entertaining in the continuation of the HIDDEN MICKEY Book Series. Being a long time Disney fan, I have enjoyed the history, little known facts and stories of Walt Disney's life through out the books. HIDDEN MICKEY 3 Wolf slipped a bit more into the science fiction category."
LindleyK Amazon Review 05/29/2013

Excellent - 5 Stars "GREAT BOOK"
     "I'm enjoying the whole series. This is a good book. It is exciting and kept me wondering what would happen next."
Dianne Krest Amazon Review 12/26/2012

Good - 4 Stars "A Very Different Direction"
     "I'm assuming that you've read the first two Hidden Mickey novels. If you haven't, stop reading this review now because (a) it has spoilers about the first two books and (b) you will have NO idea as to what is happening in this book. As my title suggests, this book goes in a very different direction than did the first two in the series. The first book was rooted in the "reality" of the current 20th century, with the only real "fantasy" being the discovery of Walt's cryogenically preserved body in a room under the Pirates of the Caribbean on the last few pages. Book 2 started with this premise and then started to drift from reality near the end with the mysterious appearances of characters amid fog, a sudden storm, and pink sparks. And of course the red diamond pendant that allows anyone who holds it the ability to see into their future...
The primary plot element that launches this book is that the pendant gets stollen from Walt's private apartment, and the ensuing story involves a complex plan to get it back. The main character is Wolf (a secondary character in book 2), and the main "concept" in this book is that things that happen in the "real" Disneyland have a direct effect on what happens in an alternate reality past; specifically, there is an "actual" Tom Sawyer in 19th century New Orleans, and as things change in Disneyland, changes occur there as well. Wolf has the ability to travel between these two realities and interact (albeit differently) in both. I haven't really given much away, because you learn all of this within the first few chapters.
Quite frankly, I was very annoyed with these totally fantastic elements as they were introduced, but as I continued reading and enabled my "suspension of disbelief", I really enjoyed the characters and the clever way in which the plot played out. Although Lance and the other characters from the previous books play supporting roles, this book is about Wolf, Wals (a Disneyland Davy Crockett Canoe operator who was a minor character in book 2), a doctor who is new to this novel, and Rose, a woman from the 19th century.
As with the other novels in this series, you have to be a fan of Disneyland (or at least be familiar with the park) to fully enjoy this book, but if you are (as am I), then this is a very entertaining diversion. A warning: this book doesn't really "end" - it "stops". You will have to read book 4 to see how everything finally comes out."
Trout26 Amazon Review 12/13/2012

Excellent - 5 Stars "Compelling Story - Keeps you moving forward"
     "I began with Book One in the Hidden Mickey series, and am glad of it. However, I found the writing to be cumbersome, the characters almost too heavy-handed. At times, the only thing that kept me moving forward was the story line, as opposed to the writing.
      In Book Three, the writing is engaging, fast-paced, well told. The story line is allowed its many elements, as opposed to being almost linear. In short, not only is the story line multi-layered (like life), the writing is multi-layered (like life). I'm enjoying Book Three tremendously, and am already excited about Book Four."
Natalie Lawrence, Santa Ynez, CA USA - Author 09/10/2012

Excellent - 5 Stars "Wolf is the man!"
     "Wolf will go through anything to protect the secret. The twists and turns that you are taken on in this book are amazing! I would've never thought that the lady Wolf is in charge of protecting is so special in the end. I was shocked to figure out as the story went on who she really was. The changes that happened in the book on the island they are on in 1816 are things that were happening in Disneyland at the time and how those changes became true in that alternate reality. Rose being a strong female character is awesome! I love that every single lady in these books have been strong! How the island sucks their memories away and how Wolf has to bring something back from the future to jog their memories in place to be able to assist them back to their future. Just amazing how it's all written and done. The necklace! Oh, I love how the necklace plays such an important part and it made me cry to read what Walt Disney did with it. I can see all of Disneyland in my mind. I know what they look for. I understand the changes and want to see them again. Disneyland will never look the same again to me. Now it will be MORE magical. Thanks, Nancy. GREAT JOB!---Mulan_1998"
Diana O., Tucson, AZ USA 03/27/2012

Boring - 2 Stars "Time travel, and more insane things..."
     "This is the book where things go from realistic to insane. Would it have killed the author to just stay in the land of the sane, and leave the sci-fi BS to a series where it makes sense.
The book is about a time traveling security guard who has to protect Walt Disney's doctor by sending him to an alternate universe more dangerous then the world he was living in. I will let you sink in the plot for a second...
...The book is about Walt Disney's magical red diamond being stolen and the being ransomed for $100,000. The thief threatens Mr Disney's doctor in the random note and they decide they need to hide him.
He takes the doctor back in time/universe. To protect him. Also the protection is just overkill. Heaven forbid you just hide him in Hawaii, or Florida. No let's send him to a backwater time where it's more likely he will die from diseases in that time. OH! and let's forget about him for 30+ years. When he does return he is supposed to be grateful that he is home, but it's 30+ years later. His family is dead, he will never see him parents or friends again, but Walt Disney is more important then them. What a selfish pr!ck!
Wolf the time traveling security guard is at least interesting and complex, so that's a big plus to the normal characters the authors of this series has written. Also, Wals was a good character as well. The problem was the story was SOOOOOOOOO boring. Disneyland was only a backdrop for the the main action. I have never given up on a book, but one got close quite a few times.
There is a few clues to solve, because the thief of the diamond loves to leave hidden mickey clues as much as as Walt did. Does it make sense that a guy who wants to make $100,000 would make it hard for the people who are paying him his money to give it to him. No. It's like if I told my phone company...if you want this money you will need to solve this riddle. "What is red and white and tastes like peppermint, you will find the money under that tree 3 feet down" It's ridiculous!
This story is more like the backstory for the 4th book, which is better then this one...but if you can't stand the time traveling/universe hopping concept you won't like that one either. This one is not like 1st or 2nd book so if you liked those you will be disapointed in this one.."
Wiiviewer Amazon Review | VINE VOICE - 12/12/2011

OK - 3 Stars "My opinion"
     "It is an enjoyable book. I really enjoyed book 1 and 2. I think the reason I enjoyed them so much was that was even though it was fiction a lot of the story was plausible. Dont get me wrong I love fiction and fantasy stories, this one just didn't capture me like the first two.
I will recommend this book for my friends and family as it is a fun adventure."
imagamer Amazon Review 11/24/2011

OK - 3 Stars "Story line is disappointing"
     "Book 1 was a lot of fun. You could not wait to read book 2 which helped explain some of the back story of book 1. Book 3 is disappointing in that it got away from the scavenger hunt/clues that led to the adventure of books 1 and 2. There was a lot of Disney fluff but with no real connection to the story. You will probably need to read it just because you are a Disney fan and then book 4 because you will want to see how book 3 ends."
Gary A. Knackstedt Amazon Review 10/20/2011

Excellent - 5 Stars "Hidden Mickey 3 wolf"
     "You need to read this book in order to get the understanding of what happened in the Hidden Mickey 2. Enjoyed the book, however was somewhat confusing going back and forth each time Wolf traveled through the vortex. Was not as easy a read as the first two, but good if you enjoyed the first 2 hidden mickey novels. Can't wait for book 4 to come out in November. Ended it just the right spot to have you crave more of the story....."
Auntkiki Amazon Review 07/29/2011

Excellent - 5 Stars "Spellbinding. Kept me interested from the Beginning"
     "I enjoyed the book, although it was a little different then the others.I am looking forward to the next books. They all keep you interested from start to finish."
Donna Ayers, Taft, CA USA - Hair Stylist 07/26/2011

Good - 4 Stars "Fantasy elements with parallel world in Disneyland: Fun"
     "This book picks up the series with even more fantasy and romance elements. Once again this adventure series is firmly rooted in Disneyland history and fact but this time there is an added element with a fantasy world which is tied to Disneyland through portals. The Island mirrors the development of Frontierland, Tom Sawyer's Island, and New Orleans Square (the areas of Disneyland which are the main focus of this book).
I know the author worked hard to get as many historical details right with this series and it makes a good read for anyone interested in Disneyland history. Book 3 ends with more loose ends than the earlier books which will be picked up in a later book but it is a complete story in itself.

[Full disclosure: we were hired as editors/proofreaders for this series starting at Book 3. This review is not part of my pay but is an honest appraisal from a reader]"
James D Keeline Amazon Review 07/24/2011

Excellent - 5 Stars "Loved all three books!"
     "As a major Disney fan, I've been a member of the Disneyana Fan Club for years, I was particularly impressed with the attention to detail in all the books. The plot twists made it impossible to put the books down. I'm looking forward to the next in your series!"
Nancy Rhoades, Kelseyville, CA USA - Teacher 06/19/2011

Excellent - 5 Stars "A fascinating work of intrigue and fun, highly recommended"
     "Survival is heightened even further when you add career to the table. "Hidden Mickey 3 Wolf!" follows Dr. Claude Houser as he tries to guide himself and his boss, the legendary Walt Disney. Having to rely on a questionable security guard named Wolf. Faced with blackmail, Claude finds himself in the lead to finding something that resembles peace and trying to figure out simply who to trust is the hardest step. "Hidden Mickey 3 Wolf!" is a fascinating work of intrigue and fun, highly recommended."
Midwest Book Review, Oregon, Wisconsin USA 05/30/2011

Bad - 1 Star "Worse book ever read"
     "The worse book I have ever read. I loved the first book until the it shifted in a way so the story can develop for book 2. The only part I enjoyed was Lance and Kimberly and mention of Adam and Beth. The authors HAD two enjoyable characters that they barely utilize in the series. I purchased the series on my Kindle and the first book I also purchased in paperback for my mom who is reading it right now. I cant wait for her to finish so I can tell her about the other two books. Save yourself the money and only purchase yourself Book 1. Then purchase Kindom Keepers."
D. Zarb Amazon Review 05/28/2011

Boring - 2 Stars "Is this the same book series?"
     "Quite simply I loved the first book; it was built around so many facts that I could easily escape into the story and believe it. Going to Disneyland after reading that first book was a whole new experience and I thank the authors for that. However the facts that kept the story grounded start eroding away beginning at the ending of the first book and throughout the second book; until in this third book only the fantasy elements are all that are left in play. This new story is hard to believe in the world that was created in the first book. What's worse is almost nothing happens in this story, it's a setup for the continuing fourth book in the series. I miss the old characters who are sadly brought in randomly and only to try to help tie this book to the previous two. Unfortunately those random parts add nothing to the story as a whole; for example a section that introduces Lance's Mother who gifts him property in Paris and then disappears and is never brought up again. I can only assume that in book 4 something is going to happen in Paris otherwise why introduce the character to begin with. But alas I barely made it through this book to even care about the next one, so I will never know."
Steven Hutchinson Amazon Review 05/23/2011

Good - 4 Stars "Recommended"
     "Thrilling adventure with magic and mystery. I like when he went back into time. It was a good read and I'll read it again. Hard to put it down. Sometimes thrilling, sometimes mysterious. Highly recommend it to young and old."
Carson C., Washington, UT USA 05/09/2011

Excellent - 5 Stars "I couldn't put it down!"
     "I just finished reading Hidden Mickey 3 – Wolf! by Nancy Temple Rodrigue. From the first day I received my order, I couldn’t put it down. This book continues from where Hidden Mickey 2 left off. What happens to Wolf? Where did Daniel Crain go? What mystical powers does the red diamond hold for those who wear it? All your answers will be presented to you in this third installment.
     I really enjoyed the fantasy element of this book when blending the realism of the Disneyland park, real characters throughout history, and the characters created by this author. This book is recommended for any Disney enthusiast and anyone who loves a great book. The only disappointing part is that the next book release is not until September 2011. "
Rob Gaertig, Fresno, CA USA 05/07/2011

Excellent - 5 Stars "I would definitely recommend this book to anybody!"
     "I fell in love with this book series with the very first Hidden Mickey. I found out from a friend about this book. Now I have read all 3 books & have passed them along to my family members. I would definitely recommend this book to anybody at any age."
Cathy G., Salinas, CA USA 05/01/2011

Excellent - 5 Stars "Love it! Love It! Love it!"
     "Just finished "Hidden Mickey 3: Wolf" and read it in two days! I just couldn't put it down! I couldn't wait to see what happened next with all the "mystery" and "questions" with every turn of the page! I love this series and can't wait to get my hands on the next editions!"
Janice Cole, Taft, CA USA - Retired 04/26/2011

Excellent - 5 Stars "Exciting, Fabulous, Amazing Book!"
     "Just finished Hidden Mickey 3 Wolf! What a fabulous story for any fan of Disney, mysteries, adventure and the supernatural! The time travel aspects were so much fun and the results sometimes so unexpected, that you just can't put the book down until you find out what will happen next. Wanted so much to have "Wolf" as my friend so I could share his adventures. For the Disneyland fan there are so many fun details from the Park that I can't wait until my next trip to check them out. The authors of this series write an intriguing story and I can't wait for the next installments!"
Kathy Knack, Anchorage, AK USA 04/22/2011

Excellent - 5 Stars "Fun and exciting, I recommend it to everyone"
     "This is a fun action packed novel for any level of Disney fan. The author has a wonderful way of transporting you to Disneyland right along side her fun and mysterious characters. The book is full of suprises and intrigue. I can honestly say I had a hard time putting it down. If you enjoy anything Disney related at all you really should pick up this series and read it. All of the people who I have recommended it to so far have been told me they loved it as well. Check it out, it really is awesome!!!"
Megan H., ElkGrove, CA USA - Physical Education Teacher 04/20/2011

Excellent - 5 Stars "Extra! Parallel Worlds in Disneyland"
     "Nancy Temple Rodrigue has cleverly woven mystery into the most magical place on earth. The first two Hidden Mickey books involve finding Walt Disney’s treasures he carefully preserved for only those he could trust to keep his secrets safe, this one suggests the possibility of a time continuum existing on sacred land Walt built his legacy upon. I love the way the author has blended the many individual attractions of Disneyland into the story line and seems to be making her way around the park with each succeeding story. So many questions keep surfacing as I read such as: What is the origin of the brilliant red diamond? It kept me asking questions through to the last page! I can’t wait for the conclusion to Hidden Mickey Wolf! One can hope the authors will continue this wonderful series of mystery and treasure hunting surrounding Disneyland perimeter and beyond."
Charmian H., Lompoc, CA USA - Engineer 04/12/2011

Excellent - 5 Stars "Fantastic!!! Many great turns..."
     "Hidden Mickey 3 Wolf! One fantastic ride! The twists and turns pull the reader through new dimensions of adventure. Suspenseful—you just don’t know what’s around the next corner…. I can not tell you how cool it is to walk through and a past specific point of the book’s setting when you are at Disneyland. It makes the read seem that much more relatable and adds another layer of experience for the reader. What great imagination the author has shared. What could be next? We look forward to finding out!!! Lots of fun to read and reread!!"
Karla Gallagher, Lompoc, CA USA - English Teacher 04/07/2011

Excellent - 5 Stars "Exciting & Fun!"
     "Once again, the "Hidden Mickey" saga is a page turner! Wow, all the things you love about Disneyland are brought back to life with this new exciting tale of fantasy "in Disneyland". You will love how the story unfolds. I can not wait for the next book(s) in the series. Thanks go out to the authors, keep these books coming!."
Tanya Good, Fresno, CA USA 04/06/2011

Excellent - 5 Stars "I think Walt would be proud"
     "Another great read! I was so excited to get this book. There weren't enough free hours in my day to read. I went back and re-read the first two just to make sure the details were fresh in my mind. I'm glad I did, it helped to make the story that much richer.
    The telling of this story was so real, and the characters so believable, I kept wondering if I could actually find some of these people working in Disneyland.
    There are a lot of details going in this book that you really have to pay attention to what's going on or you could get a little lost if you're not careful. But it's so much fun, that you won't mind going back a couple of pages to make sure you're on the right track.
    I was a little frustrated with the ending but that's only because there is even more to the story, and I'm not very patient in waiting for the next installment.
    I'm thrilled to find out that there is not one, but two more books coming out with this series. As long a the authors keep up this level of storytelling, I will be anxiously awaiting their next books."
C. Dayley, Gilbert, AZ USA - Amazon Editor 04/06/2011

Excellent - 5 Stars "Hang on to your seats"
     "I just finished reading Hidden Mickey 3 Wolf! Hang on to your seats. This book will keep you up most of the night reading it. I just could not put it down. You will quickly learn to love the "Wolf" as you have the other characters in the first two books.
    The author behind this book has such a wonderful imagination. It makes you want to go to Disneyland just to see what is fact and what isn't. I hope these books never end. Wouldn't it be wonderful to see these books made into a movie?
    If you've read the first two books and have enjoyed them, you will be even more excited with this one. I applaud the writers of these unique books."
Joey Kitzman, Lompoc, CA USA - Retired, Proofreader 01/24/2011


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