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Hidden Mickey 2



It All Started...

Excellent - 5 Stars 4.83 average (29 reviews)

Excellent - Excellent - 5 Stars 24 - 5-star reviews
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Hidden Mickey 2
Hidden Mickey 2




Excellent - 5 Stars "Five Stars"
     "Love these!"
Amazon Customer Amazon Review 04/15/2016

Excellent - 5 Stars "Awesome!!"
     "What a wonderful series so far! Hope it continues on in the next several books! Too bad it isn't about WDW though ...."
M. Collier Amazon Review 07/19/2015

Good - 4 Stars "Another Great book"
     "Nancy has continued the story started in book one and lets us all know that the story didn't end with the surprising ending of "Sometimes Dead Men Do Tell Tales" If you have read the first book, you will certainly want to read more about the characters introduced there."
Will Rogers Amazon Review 01/20/2014

Good - 4 Stars "Hidden Mickey 2"
     "Hidden Mickey 2: It All Started with a Moose was the second in the Hidden Mickey series that I have read. They were both good books, especially for a reader that is familiar with Disneyland."
LindleyK Amazon Review 04/20/2013

Excellent - 5 Stars "If you enjoyed the first Hidden Mickey book, you will enjoy this one as well!"
     "This book picks up where the last book left off focusing on the character Lance. This story is rich in mystery, suspense, romance. You will not be disappointed!"
A. D. Mullins Amazon Review 02/09/2013

Excellent - 5 Stars "Keep them coming."
     "Love the idea behind the Hidden Mickey series- you have me hooked. Can't wait to start Hidden Mickey #3- WOLF!"
Mark D Casapulla Amazon Review 01/25/2013

Excellent - 5 Stars "LOVED IT"
     "This is a great series. I'm so glad that a friend told me about it. I'm anxious to read the whole series. It's very exciting."
Dianne Krest Amazon Review 12/26/2012

Good - 4 Stars "A Real Stretch"
     "I am assuming readers of this review have read the first book, and therefore it will contain spoilers for that book. If you haven't read the first book, stop reading now...
The first book ended with Lance discovering the cryogenicly preserved Walt in a cavern under Pirates of the Caribbean. This urban legend has been definitively disproved, so all that follows in this book is pure fantasy. If you can't accept level of suspension of disbelief, then don't bother with this book. If you CAN accept that, then stand by for a roller coaster of adventure, danger, conspiracies, and Disney trivia.
This is Lance's story. Other than minimal "cameos", Adam and Beth are nowhere to be seen. Lance finds a new partner to help him in this next level of Disney scavanger hunts, although in this installment there are fewer clues and more "backstory". There are several new characters introduced, including a "villan" who persues Lance and his partner through the course of most of the book. Be ready for develoents that move this into the realm true fantasy fiction vice speculative action adventure. Having started the third book in the series, I can tell you that these new themes are pushed to the limits.
This is not a great book, but if you are a Disney fan, it's a fun bit of fluff. "
Trout26 Amazon Review 10/06/2012

Excellent - 5 Stars "Open your schedule..."
     "...because you will want to read this cover to cover! At least I did...I could not put it down. I was glad to have this book #2 so I could pick it up right as book #1 ended. At first I wasn't impressed with the main character in the story, because of events from book #1, but it was refreshing to see where the character ended up. I wish I was closer to DISNEYLAND so I could see the places in the park the book refers to. EXCELLENT READ! (Happy 57th Disneyland)"
JennyJ Amazon Review 07/17/2012

Excellent - 5 Stars "Enjoyed this Quest!"
     "Wow, what a rush! The way the second book starts is just heart thumping! The way you find out what the true secret is and how there's more to this "treasure" is amazing! The trips Lance takes with Wolf all over the place to figure out how to honor the Guardianship he eventually takes over is awesome! I was figuring out the clues along with the characters. The love story that slowly emerged was lovely. I felt the anger and the desperation of the bad guy in the story and was happy to see what happened to him in the end. THANK YOU WOLF! :) LOL. The end made me cry. I wish it were true. I learned a few new things about Walt Disney and Disneyland too. More knowledge, the better. Throughly enjoying this series of book and have become my favorites! Sorry, Harry Potter. :) Thanks Nancy and David. What a ride!!!----Mulan_1998 "
Diana O., Tucson, AZ USA 03/27/2012

Excellent - 5 Stars "Hidden Mickey 2: It all started"
     "Being a real Walt Disney and Disney World fan, I have never been to Disneyland, but Disney World several times. The books remind me of my trips there. Anyone who loves Walt Disney will enjoy this book and the rest of the series."
marn Amazon Review 04/07/2012

Good - 4 Stars "Better, but still some problems."
     "Did Walt Disney ever do anything but write up clues and place them all over the place? You have to wonder when he had time to even come up with Disney World when he was so busy hiding clues, and keeping them safe. However, this is the story of what if he did it again. This time Lance needs to team up with a mysterious security guard, and the daughter of one of the keepers of hidden mickeys.
The clues this time mostly kept them in the park, and I liked the fact they were in there. I could relate more to the action, and I thought the adventure this time was more fun.
When I reviewed the first book I ripped on the authors for not having an antagonist to drive the action. I think the authors heard the anger from the people who read the book and added one into this one. The problem is the guy is written very badly. He comes off like a cartoon bad guy, with not one bit of realistic tendency at all. I'm surprised the writers didn't have him clubbing baby seals while screaming "I AM EVIL!" Was he a threat during the story. Sure, but you never take him seriously, worse yet he is in the 3rd book as well and it's just as stupid. The author eventually learns how to write an antagonist in the 4th book, but it's a character already established so it's hard for her to screw it up.
This story had less chapters I would have cut or trimmed which was good. That being said the whole Vegas trip could have been shorten to 3-4 pages...and I think we would have got reaction from it.
I do have to say this is the book where things so from plausible to silly. There is time travel in it, and mystical rock that can show you your future. All of this stuff should have been thrown out, and they should have kept the realism of the story alive.
I did like this book better because the clues were more based in Disneyland, and the characters were better written. This one is better then the first one, but you really should read the first one first. It's not necessary but it will make more sense."
Wiiviewer Amazon Review | VINE VOICE - 12/12/2011

Good - 4 Stars "Sequel to book 1"
     "If you read book 1 and enjoyed it as much as I did you will have to read this book. Sequels are not usually as good as the original but this book does a nice job of continuing the story line in a fun way. The four stars is for the fact that is a sequel. Fortunately it is a sequel worth reading. I therefore do recommend this book especially to the Disney fan and others that enjoy adventure."
Gary A. Knackstedt Amazon Review 10/30/2011

Excellent - 5 Stars "Loved all three books!"
     "As a major Disney fan, I've been a member of the Disneyana Fan Club for years, I was particularly impressed with the attention to detail in all the books. The plot twists made it impossible to put the books down. I'm looking forward to the next in your series!"
Nancy Rhoades., Kelseyville, CA USA - Teacher 09/25/2011

Excellent - 5 Stars "Hidden Mickey 2"
     "Enjoyed this book immensely. Loved the continuation of the story from the first book. Glad the author redeemed the character Lance and gave him a second chance."
Auntkiki Amazon Review 07/29/2011

Excellent - 5 Stars "Adventure and Romance with Walt Disney History"
     "This is the second book in the Hidden Mickey series and it picks off where the last one left off. Like book 1, it is an adventure series with a number of clue related to Walt Disney and Disneyland. This one has even more fantasy and romance elements than the first book but continues to be rooted in Disneyland history.
I found this a fun read and a good followup. Once again, you get a lot of real knowledge and trivia about Walt Disney and Disneyland while still getting to read a fictional adventure. Education with entertainment."
James D Keeline Amazon Review 06/24/2011

Excellent - 5 Stars "Instantly Hooked 2!"
     "I bought the first two Hidden Mickey books at the same time, based on their title alone. I was instantly hooked on the first one, and had high hopes for the second book. I was so thrilled to see that Hidden Mickey 2 seamlessly picks up right where the first book ended. The story takes us on a new exciting adventure while bringing in the elements of the original book. While reading this book, I felt like I was actually in's so fun to think "I know where that is!" when reading about the rides and other places in the park. I feel like I'm right with Lance as he continues on this quest with Kimberly. I'm so excited to learn more about Wolf in the next installment! Keep writing, Nancy and Dave! You've got a dedicated reader for life, and I'm telling all my friends that this series is "must read"!"
Kelli Michelucci, Petaluma, CA USA - Retired School Secretary 05/11/2011

Excellent - 5 Stars "A fun read that will be hard to put down"
     "How does one create one of the most powerful entertainment juggernauts in the world? "Hidden Mickey 2" tells the story of Lance and Kimberly, who under the threat of death, find the darker side of Walt Disney world, as the duo are faced with Kimberly's mysterious father and the secrets of how the Disney empire got to what it is today. Blending the beloved story of Disney with plenty of intrigue and much more, "Hidden Mickey 2" is a fun read that will be hard to put down."
Midwest Book Review, Oregon, Wisconsin USA 02/28/2011

Excellent - 5 Stars "It took off from the get go."
     "I really liked the first Hidden Mickey but Hidden Mickey #2 was even better. It took off from the get go. I was sad for Lance in the first book but he came out just fine in the end of the 2nd book. I can't wait for the 3rd book to come out. My only problem with the Hidden Mickey books are that, once I start reading one, I can't put it down. I end up staying up way to late at night. So, if you can handle the late nights then Hidden Mickey is perfect for you."
Joanne P, St. George, UT USA 01/18/2011

Excellent - 5 Stars "It was as interesting as the first."
     "I just finished the Hidden Mickey 2, It all Started. It was as interesting as the first. I am looking forward to the next book in the series. I also purchased the Pendant. It is very Pretty. I will enjoy showing it off. I'm sure my friends will be jealous."
Donna Ayers, Taft, CA USA 12/11/2010

Excellent - 5 Stars "An awesome book."
     "I read the first book,it was an awesome book and I couldn't wait for the second book. I just finish the second book in 10 days. I have a very busy life working 48 hours at the market and doing real estate in the evenings. This book is both Thrilling and Suspenceful and keeps you wanting more. I also found myself at Disneyland in my mind traveling along with the characters. It's such a fun read I can't wait for the next book in the series "Wolf". Thanks for writing this book Nancy & Dave."
Barbara Sausser, Lucerne Valley, CA USA - Realtor/Cake Decorator for Albertsons 10/27/2010

Excellent - 5 Stars "Loved the book. Couldn't put it down."
     "I have only been to Disneyland once and that was only for half a day, because of this book I am now planning a vacation there. Can't wait for the 3rd book to come out."
Jill Connolly, Bronx, New York USA 10/04/2010

Excellent - 5 Stars "Can't wait to read book 3!!!"
     "I loved the first book, and was excited to read the second book. It exceeded all of my expectations! What a great continuation of an amazing story! I loved all the adventures that took place in Disneyland and Vegas, having been both places many times, I was able to really put myself into the story! Can't wait to read book 3!!!"
Maggie Y., Hurricane, Utah USA 09/20/2010

Excellent - 5 Stars "Amazing! A must read!"
     "Hidden Mickey 2 continues the amazing journey the first book started. The authors have a way of putting you right in the middle of the action with their detailed descriptions. I stayed up much too late at night on many occasions because I just couldn't stop reading. I'll be visiting Disneyland soon and I can't wait to check out some of the places that were described that I never really paid attention to before. I have to admit that some scenes were so real I got a little teary eyed. I introduced the series to my mother as well. She loves how the books brought back memories of "her Disneyland" growing up as well as how it is today. Anyone who is a Disney fan must read this book!"
Princessemy Amazon Review 09/15/2010

Excellent - 5 Stars "I absolutly LOVE the "Hidden Mickey Books"!"
     "I am a total Disney nerd and i love these books because it is full of action, romance, and all things Disney!!! These are my favorite books EVER!!! I cannot wait till the 3rd book in the series, "Hidden Micky 3: Wolf!" comes in 2011!"
Zina M., Lompoc, California USA 09/12/2010

Excellent - 5 Stars "Another great ride!"
     "I was sent an email from the author when this book was available, and I downloaded it to my Kindle and started reading right away at 1am! I was upset that my week was so busy that I couldn't read it all in one sitting. I loved it! I was a little worried about how I would like the story, considering I wasn't fond of the character from the previous book. But I found I really did enjoy his perspective, and even found him endearing. I savored all the events that happened in Disneyland, and could imagine where they took place in the park. It was a treat to read what could have been Walt's perspective of events, and got chills thinking about some of the possibilities. I was thrown a little by the 'fantasy' aspect of some of the story lines since the first book felt more like a story that "could have happened", but it didn't take long to go with the flow and enjoy it. In fact, I can't wait for the fantasy part of the story to be told in the third book. It is a stand alone story, but it does answer some questions from the first book, and it does leave questions that I hope will be answered by the third one."
C. Dayley Amazon Review 09/11/2010

Excellent - 5 Stars "Highly recomended for all!"
     "Fun, adventurous and it even pulls at your heart strings. Never before have I enjoyed a book as much as "Hidden Mickey 2"...with the exception of "Hidden Mickey, Sometimes Dead Men DO Tell Tales". The story continues right at the end of the first book. This book is very exciting and keeps your attention and interest. Again, I could not put it down. The only I have to wait another year for the next book in the series!"
Tanya Good, Fresno, CA USA 09/02/2010

Excellent - 5 Stars "The book captured my attention immediately"
     "Hidden Mickey 2 picks up right where Hidden Mickey 1 left us, and the mystery and excitement continues. The book captured my attention immediately, and I was only too happy to immerse myself into the story and become a part of it with the characters.
     The book was so detailed that I was able to picture myself right there with the characters. There were times that I wanted to warn the characters to be more careful, and times when I wanted to look over my shoulder to make sure "we" were okay. A few new characters are introduced, and one in particular was mysterious, yet I trusted him. Was I correct about "Wolf"? You'll have to read the book and see!
     I can't wait to visit Disneyland again and to have the chance to pay better attention to the various places described in the book. Walt Disney wanted to leave a magical place for us to discover, and this book truly allows us to keep the magic alive! I did not realize that there is so much that goes unobserved at Disneyland. Walt was a genius, and the authors of this book did an amazing job of honoring him through this book. Hidden Mickey 2 answers some questions that I was left with when I finished reading Hidden Mickey 1, and the answers were surprising! Of course, Hidden Mickey 2 also leaves a few unanswered questions, so I am looking forward to reading Hidden Mickey 3 now! =)."
Misty Amodt, St. George, Utah, USA - Teacher, Reviewer & Editor 07/08/2010

Excellent - 5 Stars "Hidden Mickey 2 is a real page turner!"
     "Although I am not "All Things Disney" person, I realized several things as I was carefully reading Hidden Mickey 2...Walt Disney really did achieve his goal in giving us a legacy of happy memories, and if we were not intrigued about the behind the scenes of Disneyland, we will be now! Approaching the beginning of the book with a healthy amount of skepticism about "All Things Disney," I later found myself pulled along by the historical information, detailed descriptions, the search for clues, but most of all the romantic development of the two main characters, Kimberly and Lance.
    Much later, after I was almost finished with the book, I realized that Walt Disney truly was a creative genius, and much like the story line of time travel, he too transcended time by passing on a legacy of shared memories that many Americans take for granted as part of their culture. Both young and old can tell you about their first trip to Disneyland, their initial surprise and delight, which Hidden Mickey 2's characters so vividly capture.
    I even began to reflect on my own personal experiences that hinge around Disneyland, one of the most personal and importance was my engagement, which took place at the footsteps of the Pirates of the Caribbean ride, with the exact place I was standing (when my now husband proposed to me) being described in Hidden Mickey 2! However, I had never thought of the universal experience of Disneyland, one that I am sure Walt wanted the world to have until after reading Hidden Mickey 2. The developing clues, the hidden meaning of some of the features in Disneyland, and the recollection of human relationships that occur at Disneyland make Hidden Mickey 2 a real page turner!
     If I wasn't an "All Things Disney" person and looking for hidden meaning while visiting Disneyland (Truthfully, I wasn't even aware that there were such items--being so focused on the park itself.)I certainly will be looking for these experiences the next time I visit Disneyland. The world may turn to a different era, decade, year...but Disneyland is something we should stop and consider the value it holds in our shared life experiences, which Hidden Mickey 2 helps us to appreciate all that much more! Unlike other books, once the reading is over so too is the experience, but true to Disney fashion this reading experience can live on, outside of our pocket during our next Disneyland vacation destination/trip.
     P.S.  My daughter just squealed in my ear as she saw the Mickey Mouse logo, ‘Oh! Disneyland... We are going to go to Disneyland!!!’ Now she's back holding her Mickey and describing our next trip...Some things classically never change!!"
Karla Gallagher, Lompoc, California, USA - English Teacher, Literary Reviewer & Editor 07/05/2010


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