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David W. Smith


David W. Smith

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       David W. Smith worked at Disneyland in the late 1970's and experienced first-hand the inner workings of Disneyland and the many wonderful inspirations that were cultivated within the mind of Walt Disney. Dave always felt a special connection to Disneyland, growing up just a couple miles south of the park and seeing it evolve and grow. Dave believes everyone who has ever had a dream can relate to Walt Disneys own dreams of doing the impossible.

       While most of us never fulfill our dreams to the extent Walt did, we all can imagine just how he must have felt walking down Main Street, USA of Disneyland, taking in all that he had done. However, while most of us would have felt a sense of accomplishment, knowing Walt as we know him today, he, most likely, would have been thinking of something new or doing something better instead of being satisfied his success..

       Dave's inspiration for Hidden Mickey 1: Sometimes Dead Men DO Tell Tales! came from watching the Disney movie National Treasure. His idea was to base a story on Walt Disney being the person of interest behind a hidden treasure. He contacted Nancy Temple Rodrigue, asking if she would like to write the book with him. In the 3 months that followed, Nancy created a great cryptic clue driven storyline with three main characters, Adam Michaels, Lance Brentwood, and Beth Roberts. Adam and Lance found Walt Disney's lost Diary, and had to solve the clues left by Walt. Needing help they brought Beth in the mix. Having characters and a complete storyline with over 120,000 words in the novel written, she now asked David to step to add some Disney cast member inside secrets. That first book was then released September, 2009. Readers were immediately hooked, and they could't wait to devour more, but there was a problem, the authors had writers block. Remembering that Walt Disney once said "Fantasy and Reality often collide", Nancy's husband, Russ, suggested a storyline. His idea was to slowly introduce fantasy, since Walt Disney was all about fantasy. Using a mysterious time traveling Wolf character, along with a Red Diamond Pendant (that he designed with a Hidden Mickey in the gold scrollwork) that would have special powers since it once belonged to Merlin. When he made the suggestion, Nancy immediately recognized it as the story and character she previously created for a different novel she was working on. "This is a great storyline to introduce in Hidden Mickey 2", she said. Both authors agreed, so it became the main plot to the sequel HIDDEN MICKEY 2: It All Started… This book released September, 2010. In Nancy's other novel she created Wolf to have the unusual ability to traverse time, so in book 2 she introduces Wolf by having him bring Walt that mysterious Red Diamond Pendant while Walt was on a trip to the Jungles of Colombia. When it came to the writing of book 3, Dave didn't want to go in the direction of fantasy, so as book 2 was released Dave suggested Nancy write her own book with fantasy, and he would write one without fantasy. The end result is that Nancy solo authored the next 2 books in the series, HIDDEN MICKEY 3: Wolf! The Legend of Tom Sawyer’s Island released in paperback at the Los Angeles Times Festival of Books, April, 2011, and HIDDEN MICKEY 4: Wolf! Happily Ever After? released as a pre-order at Disney's D23 Expo August, 2011. David solo authored (and published) Hidden Mickey 5: Chasing New Frontiers, releasing his paperback at Disney's D23 Expo, August 2011. Differing from his statement to not go in the fantasy direction, his book is in fact a fantasy, and he used Nancy's Wolf character, as well as her mysterious red diamond pendant, without her permission. Since the storyline strays so far away from Hidden Mickey 1 and 2's storyline, it is considered to NOT be a part of the Hidden Mickey series, but instead a stand alone novel using 'Hidden Mickey' in the title.. Dave next wrote and published an autobiography book of memoirs with the title "In the Shadow of the Matterhorn".

       David, a former High School Teacher and Tennis Coach, also authored Tennis Mastery, Coaching Mastery.

       David is married to Dr. Kerri N. Smith, a Pediatrician in St. George, Utah. They have two children, Kyla and Keaton.


David W. Smith with his daughter Kyla

David W. Smith with his daughter Kyla


HIDDEN MICKEY: Sometimes Dead Men DO Tell Tales!
[Double R Books] (2009) By Nancy Temple Rodrigue and David W. Smith - An Action Adventure Mystery novel about Walt Disney and Disneyland.  Readers of all ages will discover Fact with Fiction in this action-adventure Novel. 

HIDDEN MICKEY 2: It All Started...
[Double R Books] (2010) By Nancy Temple Rodrigue and David W. Smith - The sequel and second book in the HIDDEN MICKEY novel series. Another Action Adventure Mystery
novel about Walt Disney and Disneyland.  Historical Fact is again blended with Fiction to make this action-adventure mystery Novel.

Hidden Mickey 5: Chasing New Frontiers
(This Hidden Mickey novel by David W. Smith IS NOT a continuation of the Hidden Mickey series by Nancy Temple Rodrigue)
[Synergy Books] (2011) By David W. Smith - Follow Disneyland cast member, Blain Walters, as he and a Swiss visitor to Disneyland, Missy Johansen, stumble upon a decades-old, lost wallet. The wallet holds the key to a forty-four-year-old mystery of lost, stolen money and Walt Disney's legendary and mysterious red-diamond pendant. While Blain and Missy follow a trail of lost clues, they also find themselves wanting to follow their hearts as they find a real connection with each other. Adding to the intrigue, Blain is unaware that Missy is actually the rising international pop star from Switzerland, Malaysia Hosiner. Where do the cryptic clues lead the young couple? How long can Malaysia keep her true identity a secret? And, who else seeks the long-lost Disney fortune?

In the Shadow of the Matterhorn
[Synergy Books]
(2012) By David W. Smith - Intimate stories about life, love, and laughter at Disneyland. A look at Disneyland from the perspective of living very close to the Park, working at the Park, and the life-changing effect that Disneyland had on so many. Contains unpublished stories about Disneyland, about cast members working there, and about some of the crazy events that the author experienced during his six years working at the "Happiest Place on Earth".

Tennis Mastery
[Synergy Books]
(2004) By David W. Smith - Tennis Mastery is the most complete guide to learning, developing, and mastering the sport of tennis. It is a blueprint for individuals to reach their highest level of potential and sustain high-quality tennis throughout their life.

Coaching Mastery
[Synergy Books]
(2008) By David W. Smith - Coaching Mastery addresses the development of championship players and perennial championship teams, attracting tennis players to your team or program, and sustaining successful programs year after year. Learn how to train large numbers of players in a variety of teaching environments and within limited tennis resources.


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