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Hidden Mickey Book Review


in Disneyland

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Excellent - 5 Stars "Five Stars"
     "Disney, need I say more!!"
Steve K, Amazon Customer 11/8/2015

Excellent - 5 Stars "Five Stars"
     "thank you"
Devin, Amazon Customer 9/4/2015

Excellent - 5 Stars "Great fun and the quests are easy to understand and ..."
     "A funtastic addition to the "Hidden Mickey Adventures" franchise, Nancy Temple Rodrigue does it again! Well written, imaginative and relevant to Disneyland resort fans and passholders alike. Great fun and the quests are easy to understand and follow around the park. Add this book to your collection. Really."
J.C. Tregarthen II, Amazon Customer 07/23/2014

Excellent - 5 Stars "Looks like an added bonus for our trip"
     "We are headed to Disneyland in September and I heard about this added bit of we shall see if it gives an added bonus"
Amazon Customer, Amazon Customer 06/2/2014

Excellent - 5 Stars "Get More Fun Out Of Your Disneyland Visit"
     "My family and I are always looking to squeeze a little more fun out of our Disneyland trips and came upon this great little activity book. It's partly quiz of your knowledge of Disneyland related trivia and part scavenger hunt. We even found it fun just to skim through in the hotel room and test each others' memories. I've been to Disneyland several times and it's just so fun to find out how much more you can learn if you pay attention. This book does a good job of bringing out the details of the park one often overlooks. One special bonus: all the activities and challenges are handicap accessible! Good job!"
Stuart A Haasis, Amazon Customer 11/10/2012

Excellent - 5 Stars "Fun Book. Gives you a different way to enjoy the park."
     "My family and I love Hidden Mickey Adventures in Disneyland.
    We are annual pass holders and have been for a few years now. Taking the book to the park with us and doing the quests was a nice change from our normal routine.
    We have only done a couple of the quests so far and are looking forward to doing them all.
    I truly hope there will be more quests book that come out in the future"
Vera DeBolt, Laguna Niguel, CA USA 05/11/2012

Excellent - 5 Stars "So Much Fun!Hidden Mickey Adventures-Disneyland"
     "Hidden Mickey Adventures-Disneyland
    I had the opportunity to preview this book in April. My husband and I were on the last day of our Disneyland vacation when we decided to try out one of the quests. I have to admit that I was a little worried, we were both tired and the Park was getting more crowded. And I thought my husband (who is not as Disney obsessed as I am) would be a little grumpy at "having" to do this. But in actuality, playing one of the quests gave our vacation a second wind of energy. We ended up looking at things in the Park a whole new way and seeing things that we had seen, but never really looked at before.
    One of things that we discovered that added some fun, was getting the Cast Members involved. We had to find the Main St address to the Silhouette Shop, but we couldn't find it. We asked Cast Member Bonnie in the Silhouette Shop, she didn't know the answer, but made calls to other Cast Members to try and figure it out for us. In the end, my husband did some detective work looking up and down Main St and figured it out on his own. But we were impressed that Bonnie would take time out of her other duties to try and help us out.
    Another reason to get the Cast Members involved is a roadblock we hadn't counted on. One of the ride attractions being down. Our quest took us to Big Thunder Mountain Railroad, and the ride was down temporarily, but didn't know for how long. We talked to Cast Member Justin about what we were looking for. He went and found the answer for us, but made it into another clue that we had to figure out! That was really great, and my husband and I talked for quite awhile about how awesome the Cast Members can be (if we give them the opportunity).
    We didn't actually write in our copy of the book. Since this was a trip for my husband and I only, our kids (who are older) asked that we keep the answers out of the book so they could have a chance to play when the whole family goes on vacation. So I had a little notebook that we wrote our answers and notes in. This actually was helpful because I was able to figure out what 'Lands' we would need to be in to find our answers, so we were able to keep our double-backing to a minimum.
    It's silly, but we were so impressed with ourselves when we completed our quest (and bonus questions). This book was so much fun to have in the Park, and it will accompany me on all my Disneyland vacations. My husband even came up with a fun idea. Find all the questions from a particular 'Land' and see who can finish their quest first.
    We have a family reunion in Disneyland coming up in September, and my sister and I are going to figure out quests based on age group and familiarity with the Park (for some this will only be their 2nd visit) to play on the last day of the reunion. I'm so looking forward to trying this with a bigger group, and to trying the different quests."
Cyndi D., Gilbert, AZ USA - Personal Assistant 05/01/2012

Excellent - 5 Stars "A Must Have Adventure for Disneyland Fans!"
     "I previewed the book Hidden Mickey Adventures in Disneyland by Nancy Temple Rodrigue. This book is super fun! I have participated in many in-the-park scavenger hunts and consider myself an expert in all things Disney. I am very excited to say that this book was amazing fun for the whole family. I completed all of the 20 quests (and not all of my answers were correct) and found each quest to be entertaining and the adventure adds a new twist on enjoying the park. Each quest describes the level of difficulty, so you?ll know what you are in for. I especially appreciate the tips to make each quest handicapped accessible for those who are in wheelchairs or other devices for movement.
    Some of the quests are just looking for things like different kinds of birds throughout the park. Another quest has you looking for eye-spy letters (the book shows a picture of a letter and you have to find where the letter is located). Each correct question earns you points which will give you your level of proficiency at the end.
    Do you know which mountain is the tallest? Which mountain has the longest duration?
    Some quests are especially fun while you wait in line for an attraction and you can answer trivia questions, complete word searches or enjoy crossword puzzles. One of the first quests involve finding something, then that answer leads you to the next thing to find, and you continue until you get to the last location.
    If you enjoy exploring the park in a new way or want to learn about the park for the first time, this book will give you a whole new world of fun to enjoy!"
Rob Gaertig, Fresno, CA USA 04/18/2012


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