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Unfinished Business—Wals

by Nancy Temple Rodrigue
1st Edition Paperback - July 15, 2017 - ISBN 13: 9781938319273
1st Edition Hardcover - July 15, 2017 - ISBN 13: 9781938319280
eBook - July 15, 2017 - ISBN 13: 9781938319297




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Hidden Mickey 4.5: Unfinished Business—Wals

After battling the wicked Maleficent, traveling back in time to rescue a friend, and struggling to get over a broken heart, Wals finds himself alone with an exciting new clue from Walt Disney. Will he be able to figure it out by himself, or will he require help from an unlikely—and skeptical—source?

A petite brunette with definite opinions might hold the key to solving Wals' dilemma. Can they find a way to work together, or is Wals' story too far-fetched to be believed?

Walt Disney expected his clues to be discovered. What will Wals do when he learns that Walt’s attractions have been moved, closed, or are slated for removal?

Disneyland is the backdrop for this exciting tale of hopes, love, and discovery.
Unfinished Business - Wals reunites us with a hard-working, deserving hero and introduces his beautiful partner as they work together to keep Disney magic alive--both for themselves and for Walt's legacy.

Unfinished Business—Wals

  "Great read. Didnt want to put it down. Hope to see another hidden mickey adventure coming soon, maybe set in wdw." more.....
"I loved this story! All of the Hidden Mickey books engage you in the story right away... It always makes me want to plan my next vacation. A great read!" more.....
"Love this series! The attention to Disney detail is phenomenal. It makes me feel like I'm in the parks while reading them. Wals story is sweet and fun." more.....

Hidden Mickey 4.5
Unfinished Business—Wals

HIDDEN MICKEY 4.5:  Unfinished Business—Wals - Paperback Edition

HIDDEN MICKEY 4.5:  Unfinished Business—Wals - Hardback Edition

5"x8" Paperback 6"x9" Hardcover
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